CUNY Bernard M Baruch College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The quality of professors. Most if not all professors are well experienced in the field that they are teaching.


The faculty of the business and science departments are outstanding and are truly there to help the students. They are genuinely interested in the students' growth.


If you get into the Macaulay Honors Program, you receive a lot of benefits and a lot of college students do not receive. For example, as a Macaulay Honors student at one of the CUNYs, you receive a free Macbook Pro and all-expense study abroad program.


Our school provides the best location for the students to maintain a job while attending to school for full time programs.


Affordable tuition. I have attended other schools that were pricey and Barauch offers a quality education at an affordable rate.


Diversity and willingness to succeed are one of the major factors that makes this school one of the best because it promotes social connectedness and awareness of other cultures while drive for success encourages others to want to succeed as well.