CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College Top Questions

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As a student at BMCC, i see the multicultural aspect really enhances the experience of attending BMCC.


Borough of Manhattan Community College is an amazing school. I was able to discover my interests with phenomenal professors around who helped me decide on what exactly I want to study in this school, as well as transfer. At first I was a Liberal Arts major, but until I was given a clear information about Communication Studies is when I switched major to that. Also, BMCC is very diverse, I have befreinded a lot of people from various countries and backgrounds in this place, especially by getting involved without fear. I would really appreciate everything that I recieve in BMCC.


In relation to other City University colleges I have considered, it is the most convenient for me to travel to, plus it is a good school for my pre-clinical coursework.


My school is in a very convenient location in the city, which I like. I save money on tuition since it is a community college and from not having to dorm. My school also offers a two year nursing program which gives me an associates degree, allowing me to work in two years instead of four after I recieve me degree. During the time I work, I can then continue to a graduate college for further education.


What makes my college unique compard to other colleges is that it accepted me. Seriously though, BMCC's student to teacher ratio is better than most of the schools that I considered. The classes feel more intimate as opposed to some of the other classes from other colleges that felt like I would have been a number.