CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice to myself, is that life is just beginning. We as people don't know where we are going to be a few years from now. No individual has their future set. Everything we do from choosing what we have for breakfast, to taking one route to a place, to even what we wear affects our future. If you should take anything seriously, it is college. Education is a once in a lifetime type of experience. When you are sitting down in that classroom, you are looking at your competition around you. these are the people one day you may be competeing with for a job or a place at a higher institution. Do your absolute best in the classroom, and write down everything that is important. Sometimes the 3 letter phrase, can be the 20 point answer on one of your exams. Don't waste your time on your phone and never use your phone during a class, it will only distract you. That status update is not going to feed you in the future. Pay attention to everything said to you by your educators, and aspire for being a better you, is the advice i would give.


I would look back at James from 2012 and tell him, "The only person who can limit you is yourself". If you do not take advantage of the chances you have at hand you never know where you may end up. But if you do take the chances, your possibilites can be endless. Whats the worst that can happen if you shoot for the moon? You may land on the stars. So never stop learning and please start reading and learning about work citation, it will hold you back in the long run. Till then I look forward to what you become.


I would tell myself that you are gonna do good, you are going to be successful. Also that I should go under full time instead of part time, and get a job before I started school.


You shouldn't have taken one year of school off because if you didn't you wouldn't have had to take a rememdial math course and you probably would have aced the test.


First of all, i will be thrilled with the fact that i made history of going back in time. Then i will tell the younger me, to never doubt yourself despite the challenges that stand in front of you. I will also encourage the younger me to aim as high as you can and challenge youself every single day. You mind is your way out.


The advise i would give to my past self would be pay more attention in school, because if you don't you will not truely understand everything. When parents and teachers give you advise listen, because what they are telling you are from past experience that they went through that they dont want you going through as well. We all make mistakes that we have to deal with and learn from it, its only so much mistakes that you can make before its too late to change what has already been done. I know having a child at a young age is struggling, but you can do this. Now look at you, you graduated from high school and made your daughter and, yourself proud just to finish through the first step in life. Now your moving on to the second step which is college even if you cant finish fast like everyone else, as long as you know your trying your best to accomplish your goals in life you are on the right track to being successful in life.


If I could go back in time as a High School senior, I would gotten more involved with not only school life, but also explore any opportunities outside of the school and think far outside of the box. I also would have tried by level best to not allow any obstacle or barrier prevent me from doing whatever I had to do to move on and seek more education. The advice I would give myself however is whenever I have any assignment or project due, I would rather allocate more time than necessary to get things done ahead of time because doing them at the last minute would extremely stressful and tiring. No matter what barriers I may have, I can always prove myself wrong, that I can overcome anything challenging and never surrender. If I surrender anything becuase they are very difficult, then I will not be able to try them and will also miss out on challenges, rather I would end up depending on the easy stuff, which shows that I am not entirely ready to face challenges in life.


Due to the fact that I imegrated to the states 6 years ago, and I had little options to choose from- I'm happy that I went to college. BMCC helped me to jump high and transfer to a much better academic institude! So, my advice to myself will be: go and finish it ASAP, because you can do it!


In life you will face a lot of unexpected situations which will put you in a position that you never saw coming. However, do not panick because everything in life happens for a reason. So stay calm and think positive thoughts so that you can accept what had happen and move forward in a timely manner. So go ahead and start putting things into perspective so that your life can make sense which will propel you towards a new plan. Additionally, just keep on surfing the wave of life by keeping your balance whenever you are face with a failure, obstacle or setback so that you can achieve the level of success and greatness that you desire. Most of all, just enjoy the journey and never forget where you come from and the people who had help you get to where you are today. So go ahead and have fun and be safe too by living in the moment free from stress, doubts, worries and fear. Through it all in the end, when you are on the top floor looking down and reminscing on the journey that you had took to get there you will be beyond proud of yourself.


I would tell myself that I should always get no less than a B in classes.


Take your time and never rush and don't try to impress people. Take your time in choosing the right college that will suit you . There is nothing wrong with community college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a High School Senior I would tell myself to mentally prepare myself for the transition. I'd tell myself that the transition from High School to College is like a College Athlete transitiong to becoming a Professional. Although you've been playing that sport for an elongated period continues to get increasingly demanding at the next level. There are new obstacles in the way and the lifestyles are deviating. Finally, I'd tell myself not to stress over High Schools dramas because your true friends will always remain in contact depite life's changes.


I would suggest that you take some pre-college courses before you attend college.


Know that college degrees are needed to get ahead in life. Do not let anyone, even family members fool you about that. Find responsible friends and adults who know how the educational system works. Find out what college can do for you in your career choice. Use the web, find out salaries for your chosen profession. If your choice of career is low-paying but is a passion, such as the arts, see what courses you can take to develop back up skills that will provide you with an income. Look for scholarships. Use that internet! This is very valuable in getting information out there. But be careful with social sites and putting information on-line that can cause you embarassment later because college and job recruiters do look up applicants. Stay clean and healthy. Love yourself and don't abuse drugs or people or your body. Live a good life. If the people around you are not good, take a trip to another neighborhood and meet people who share your interests and goals. You don't have to be deeply religious or a saint, just know that too much partying like a rock star will weaken your self-discipline.


Graduating from high school, I wanted to change the perception of who I was. I was tired of being perceived as Steve Urkel. I was tired of viewing the world through my myopic eyes aided by thick astigmatic correcting lenses . I wanted to get rid of the glasses at all costs( and subsequently a piece of myself). I desperately wanted to be a member of the popular class, even if that meant losing myself in the process. Consequently, I mismanaged credit. Being ?credit clueless,? I was glad to have obtained that magic piece of plastic that gave me access to things I would otherwise not be able to afford. The getting part was the easy part - the repaying part, not so much. Imagine my surprise years later when I was denied credit and even a few jobs, all because I wanted those pricey jeans in my freshman year of college. I am now stuck with an ever-plummeting credit score and a few pairs of contacts but still no college degree. Given the chance to advise my high school self of how to succeed in college and beyond, I would say vehemently: ?Protect your self-identity and credit stupid!?


If I could go back in time and give myself advice when I was a high school senior, I would tell myself the importance of self discipline, time management and organization. It is important to keep track of important things such as due dates for assignments, school documents or registrations. I would suggest to be organized of each classes' homeworks, papers and readings. I should also create a method where I will use it to keep track of assignments and when they're due. Getting work done on time or even ahead of time is a key to do well at school. Self discipline is also just as important as timing and organization. If I have self discipline, I can then have time management and organization. Self discipline will stop me from procrastinating or not completing assignments. If I would like to succeed in doing well in school, I would develop good self discipline to keep me on track. By following these, doing well in school will be easier for me.


I would tell myself to do a lot more research about majors and schools. I would say make decisions after sitting down and analyzing everything you have laid out; make sure you weigh every option and debate the pros and cons of each outcome. I's advice that everything that is important, especially with school, gets done as early as possible and get to bed extra early so you won't be so tired in classes. Save money for books and look for part time jobs as early as October for Spring Semesters and May for the Fall Semesters.


At seventeen, I dropped out of high school midway through my senior year. At eighteen, I gave birth to my first child. At twenty-three, I gave birth to my second. At twenty-six, I am finally getting my life together enough to go back for a degree. If I could talk to myself a decade ago I would say, "you have your entire life to find yourself, do not rush it." I believe that the life experience I have gained in the ten years since I've attended a formal school setting has been priceless. I know what I want to do with my life now. I am mature enough to handle the stresses and changes we all go through. But myself at seventeen? That girl wanted to have everything now, and everything to be storybook perfect. I worked at an unrealistic pace to achieve a level of fulfillment that I realize now was unnecessary. High school systems scare some kids into thinking that if they do not choose careers and schools by the time they are 16, their lives will be invalid and worthless. Clearly this is misinformation, but then again, nobody told me that at seventeen.


Going back to high school to communicate some important factors to myself would be to remind myself that everything happens in time. Spend some more time on AP courses and take a year off from college to find yourself. The more you learn about you the less time you will take in trying to figure that out in college. Don't be afraid to fail- in fact some of the best discoveries for humanity have been due to failure. Make sure to keep your head up and leave the losers alone. There is a reason why they are considered losers in your mind. Do not listen to society or your parents... at some point no one can tell you what to do with your future but you!


September 2008. There are only a few months of school left and I cant wait to breeze through them. I'm almost falling asleep in class and I can barely stay awake. I'm thinking to myself I cant wait to graduate and I only need to do the bare minimum to get these last few credits and jump into college life. I feel my eyelids getting heavy and I am drifting off. I look up and I see myself a year and a half from now. I am talking to myself and explaining how much easier things would have been if I tried harder. I could have gotten the major I really wanted but it is okay because I am trying very hard in school and I am trying to obtain a 4.0 gpa. I tell myself to stop procrastinating and work to my full potential. I say go to school the day before classes and walk around to see where all your classroom are. Get accustomed to the building and walking around. You will be fine! You will work hard and rise to your full potential! Wake up! My eyes are open now and I see clearly.


In my time growing up as a teenager, I unfortunately didn't have the resources kids enjoy today. Being raised in a strict family setting without much love or affection didn't help either. So it was hard for me to discuss my feelings and awareness of things-much less express my future college life. Having said that, however, I do feel I should have reached out more to guidance counselors and teachers. For most worked with what they had-and that's caring for the general health & well fair of a student's future.


If I could go to back to my senior year and talk to my self, I would explain exactly what everyone else was telling me about college. Instead of just telling my self that college and school are important and typical things of that sort, I would explain in depth detail why school is important. To begin, I would explain to my self that every choice that I made now will affect my future. This is a lesson that I had to learn from my on mistakes. During High School, I didn?t pay much attention in class; I mostly did enough work for me to just pass the class. Unfortunately I didn?t realize that I would eventually have to make this up in college. This ignorance cost me two semesters of non-credited remedial course, resulting in me being a year behind in college work. If I just studied and paid attention, I would have passed my regents with high scores and would have been exempt from the entrance exams. Also I would have explained the importance of scholarships. I never understood the importance until I saw the affect my college expenses were taking on my mother financially.


As a senior in high school, I was upset knowing that I would end up in a two year community college while most of my friends were going away and attending four years. I thought community college was for high school drop outs and that I wouldn't fit in the kind of enviornment that community college has. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself that community colleges are better than what people give it credit for. It allows students who didn't do well in high school, or just never attended college a second chance. It doesn't judge us based on our high school grades or our past. It just allows us to continue our education and move forward.


If I could go back and give advice to my senior self i would give myself the song "Dont worry be happy". I would expect myself to take it to heart and not have me explain it, but here it is. My high school life was a blur of stress and tests. Worrying about my social life too much was my downfall. I failed high school and I am now in community college looking to transfer into a 4 year college. A second chance, if you will. Now that my senior days are over, I have come to a realization: high school drama is not important. College has a completly different vibe. It's more about finding yourself, as corny as that may sound. It really is the first step in becoming an adult and feeling like one, for example, looking for the classes you want to take rather than take useless classes that I will NEVER need (how to find the base of a cylinder? really? unless that's for condoms I dont know why i need to know it). If I knew how different college would be, I would have been more eager to get into one. END


First thing i would tell myself to take as many advance placement classes as possible. It would make it easier when college is work is introduced to me. Dont be laid back and take senior too easy, this year is actually the most important even if others tell you differently. One of the best things to do before going to college is to know alot about the school and its activites as well as programs offered. The more active you are in the school the better it is for you to suceede in getting jobs related to your major or high paying jobs in general. Always be punctual in school and make sure to schedule free time with school time, everything will be much easier especially if your unorganized and getting used to college. Interact with students and know whats going on in your school at all times. Be alert and dont get distracted by other things that come your way.


This question gives me the opportunity to do critical thinking on my part. If I could talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would stress never wait until the last minute to do anything. In college this is most important, procrastination is your enemy. Do not wait unit the last minute to complete projects. (Do not waste time)


First and foremost don?t fool yourself into thinking college is like high school, it?s not! Threes no one in college to chase you around to insure that your assignments are getting completed on time or wake you up in the morning. College is a huge responsibility and reality shock for many. It didn?t dawn on me until my sophomore year that I had to really get focused because college these days isn't cheap. The interest rates on student loans are out of control, financial is going down every semester yet tuition is going up. The financial burden of college is a whole other issue in itself. Books, room & board and food alone will have one stressed to the max. If I had the opportunity again I would have researched colleges that specialized in my major and were affordable. Another thing that needs a lot of focus is the college application itself. My guidance counselor helped me with mine as well as the financial aid papers. College really changed and molded me into a more responsible adult. It?s a wonderful experience that everyone should have. Not to mention the rewards and benefits of college are priceless.


I would tell myself not to skip class, focus and utilize the schools recources as much as possible. I would tell myself to break up with my girlfriend, she is not worth the distraction.


The advice I would give myself is to LISTEN ATTENTIVELY AND ASK QUESTIONS. I would tell myself to ask as many questions as possibly can regarding financial aid, the type of majors the college has to offer, scholarships, job opportunities; any question you have in your mind just ASK. I would consult my family (especially those in college) to make the best possible decision. The thing about college is you have to be detail and time oriented. College education requires time and commitment. If you want to be the best student you can be, you have to listen and actually build a relationship with your teacher. Every teacher has a different style of teaching and if you want to grasp the concept in its entirety, then the best way would be to ask the professor anything you are not sure about. DO EVERY ASSIGNMENT ON TIME. My final piece of advice is: be open minded. College can open different doors, to different experiences and personal relationships. Due not limit yourself. Just take college one day at a time and IF YOU DONT KNOW SOMETHING, ASK QUESTIONS.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school student, I would tell myself to apply to as many Nursing schools my B+ average would accept me. I would then convince myself I am smarter than just a B+ average; I can achieve any goal as long as I put my mind, time, heart and soul into my studies to obtain an A average. I would have told myself to not give up or sell myself short.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior with the knowedge that I posses now about college life I would advise myself to prioritize much more than I did. In high school I was an underachiever unfortunately and took my education for granted. Now that I am a college student with some life experience I now realize that i was simply cheating myself, this is why I strive for my absolute best with everything I do, including but limited to college and work. Every since I could remember I always loved to learn and expand my intellect, but growing up the way I did it was rather difficult. Often the electricity in my house was turned off due to my parents negligence to pay the bill, and I moved around a lot. No longer is this the case, I have my responsibilities prioritized and completing my college education is number one on the list.