CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


These best thing about BMCC's campus are some of the professors and it's network. The professors that do care on campus will advise you, teach you, and point you in the right direction to begin your career. They are also encouraging and carry a lot of wisdom that will help you determine and understand tons of things you will need to know about your 4 year school or career of choice. In addition, the ability to meet tons of students and professors help you establish a network that may build upon your career and future.


I consider the best thing to be that it gives us students a wide variety of studies we would like to study. Being able to have a chose in what you want and it not being a short variety is the good thing.


That the Borough of Mahattan Community College is very affordable but also offers a lot of great courses and very cool clubs so you can meet people for example the anime club which I'm very excited to go to because I like watching anime.


As above, the different races and interactions that allows everyone the chance to feel not only needed but unique.


The best thing about my school is the availability and ease of contacting faculty members. Many times in a college students life he/she will have to juggle going to class on time and tryng to get other services done. When ever I need to reach a faculty member during their office hours they are available upon reqest and the wait times to meet with them are fairly descent considering it is a school with thousands of students.


I think the best thing about my school is its diversity. There are people from just about every country that attend my school. I believe this is important because it allows me the opportunity to explore so many different cultures without ever leaving the city. Thus, this gives me a greater appreciation for all cultures.


I think that the many cultures involoved with BMCC is a best thing about my school. There are so many different people with different beliefs and origins. This allows you to make all different types of friends and learn about peoples history and upbringing.


The classes are affordable and the proffessors are fantastic, there are plenty of recources in the library as well.