CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Most of the students here are very respectful but there are some that are extremely close minded and ignorant. However, they are students like myself who are willing to learn more about other cultures.


The classmates in Brooklyn College are extremly diverse. There are a lot of students from high school, but also many students who are older and go back to school. The school has a huge African and Carribean American population, while also having a large Orthodox Jewish population. It is a huge melting pot of cultures, ages, gender (and gender identities) and everyone is in it together.


My classmates are full of humor, will help you if you are unsure and push you if you feel like giving up.


My classmates are friendly, motivated, tolerant, non-judgemental and culturally diverse and I am glad to be attending this college for my education.


My classmates are accepting of others and always offer support or help.


Brooklyn College students are open, friendly, and intelligent.


Everyone on campus seems to be always having a good time enjoying the college life as an adult.


My classmates at Brooklyn College can easily represent a numbrt of ethnicities and cultures found around the globe.


Racially, we are pretty diverse! I think we have one of the largest representations of minority groups in NYC campuses but don't quote me on that =) We're also religiously diverse - we have Christian students, Jewish students, Catholic students, Muslim students, Buddhist students, Hindu students, Sikh students, atheists, agnostics, etc.. I doubt anyone would feel out of place in the school because there really is a niche for everyone to find. I feel that students, especially the girls, dress at a higher standar at BC. You'll see blazers paired with skinny jeans, high waisted skirts and flowy tops. It's very rare to see a student (outside of the gym) in sweats or pjs. I've noticed a lot more school hoodies popping up around campus recently, which is nice. I'm mostly a jeans & nice top kind of girl. The hoodies come out during exams =) In terms of activism, there are always opportunities to join various causes because there are many passionate students on campus. They aren't obnoxious either, so the apathetic students aren't bothered by them. I think everyone can find a group of friends at Brooklyn College. If you find a few people you get a long with, then the ones you don't like won't bother you so much!


My classmates were extremely diverse in many ways; they come from different backgrounds, social statuses, are of different ages, and can therefore bring a new and interesting perspective of the things we discuss in class.


My classmates were diverse, passionate and eager to participate in in-class discussions and independent research projects.


They are smart, creative people who are very open to discussions and are very friendly.


My classmates are all incredibly diverse; there are people fom many different cultural backgrounds and with many varied academic interests.




Diverse and willing to help


I have not had a class with anyone at Brookly College, so I do not feel it is possible for me todescribe them. From what I have seen, however: culturally diverse.


fun and friendly


I would describe my classmates as anxious to gradute from school.


There's like two majorities on campus. Jewish students and Caribbean Students. There is however a great deal of diversity that I know you don't see a lot of schools. I used to go to a school in upstate and it was refreshing to be back in a multi-cultural school. The kids that go here are super interested in the world around them. They get involved in student government, the newpapers, advocating for causes they believe in and tons more stuff.


Lots of diversity: black, white, Jewish, Russian, Asians of all kinds etc etc etc. BC is very very good at accommodating differently-abled students. There are quite a few on campus and they get along just fine. Most people here seem to be comfortably middle class.