CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Brooklyn College is known for its diversity--different races and different religions populate the school. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it embraces and accepts everyone, regardless of their differences.


The campus was filmed for movies like "Good Will Hunting" because it has a very New England look to it with less students than Harvard and more people used to things being filmed.


It's best known for being the poor man's Harvard.


Brooklyn College is best known for its beautiful campus and its wide diversity of students. It is also known for its high academic standard.


Brooklyn College is known best for the campus quad and for being a great education school


Brooklyn College is known for it's clubs and extra curricular activities. This school gives every kind of student a chance to show off their talents and abilities. Also Brooklyn College is known for one of the best pre-med programs across the country due to its competetive entry and very acknowledged professors. One of the biggest libraries and enormous campus allows us students to explore and learn new things along the way. Brooklyn College is also known for the accelerated programs that might not be found in other city colleges.


Brooklyn College has the only real Film Production major for public schools in the New York City area. This means students get a fantastic education and access to internships and real professionals in their field. That's how I heard about them when I was looking to transfer from Pace University, a private school in Tribeca. Pace was too expensive and lacking what I wanted, whereas BC filled in perfectly, and at around one-quarter the price.


A beautiful campus, BA-MD program, and Speech Program.