CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

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It is one of the best, well respected colleges here in the city, and it requires only an hour's travel. The other universities that were considered were largely going to take me away from this great city and cost a fortune to attend. Neither were palatable.


For one, Brookyln College is the only campus in Brooklyn to have an actual campus, which contributes to the "full college experirence" that I wanted to have. I believe the education program at Brooklyn College also makes it unique in comparison to other schools, because I hear it is one of the best.


Its involvement in post-grad job placement.


The class sizes are small and the professors get to know you. There is also great academic advisement.


At Brooklyn College, there is just so much more diversity than you can find elsewhere. At an alternative college I had considered, the population consisted of around 95% Caucasian students/faculty, and majority of them were Latter Day Saints. It was such a different experience stepping onto B.C.'s campus, seeing a multitude of cultures, and knowing how much I can learn from coexisting with such heterogenous students.


While you are in NYC the campus is absolutely beautiful with an extremely close knit feel


go there


Its big and the advisors help the students with their needs. The professor help the students and everyone is focuse on their career.


No, it's cool.