CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


There are classes that consist of 30- 150 students in a lecture. This semester I was lucky enough to have picked great professors that really dissects the topics in class.


My favorite thing about the academics at Brooklyn College is that the majority of the professors have real world experience. All my Nutrition professors are licensed dietitians. That means I get first hand knowledge! The Core Curriculum can come as a pain, especially when the classes don't coincide with your are of study but it's a nice break from that and if you chose the right professor, you'll have an enjoyable time. That's another thing - ask around for which professors are the best. Rate My Professor is only about 70% reliable and professors vary on strictness depending on the course. The school has it's own "rate my professor" like system that offers pretty good insight on which professors to take but word of mouth from fellow peers is really the best way to find a good professor. I think the most competitive students are those in the hard sciences (aka the onces trying to get into medical/dental/physical therapy/etc school). That doesn't mean everyone isn't as competitive, just less so. Most professors are available to talk after class and answer emails frequently. I'm in the Health & Nutrition Sciences department, with a concentration in Health. The faculty there are all really welcoming and easily relatable. I think this comes from working with in the community! They give you a lot of guidance when you're starting out in terms of understanding your requirements but I think they need to keep better track of students' progress after that point. I personally think it's one of the strongest programs at Brooklyn College, but maybe I'm biased!




I can honestly say i've never had trouble getting prof's to talk to me, in person or e-mail. The students range from the average to kids ur just thrilled to be in school with because you have such great interesting conversations. The library is fantastic and they'll borrow any books or article that the CUNY system doesn't have plus the school covers the cost of borrowing it if there's a fee. The Career center is very good about giving students personal time with a career counselor who helps by looking at resume's and helping with job search tips.


Good classes with some great profs. Ok, so it's not Columbia or something but you can find some gem teachers in here who are really interested in elevating your level of scholarship. Generally not an uber-competitive atmosphere, although I here in the science/pre-med classes people can be lethal. The English Dept is full of great and helpful profs. There is a core curriculum which you have to complete. Unlike most people I don't think it's a pain. I think these kinds of classes are important. Career help at the Magner Center is very helpful and professional. Lots of seminars with industry figures can help you make good connections. Also good at helping you get a internship. Most unique class I am taking is this semester: Theories of the End of the World. It's an honors special topics course about the apocalypse.