CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Our biggest turnout has to be the club fairs at the beginning of the year. All the student clubs array ourselves on the quad with free giveaways and information of our upcoming activities. There's usually a lot of free food as well. That's another big gathering - anytime there is free food! Most clubs will offer food as an incentive to attend their activities. I haven't gone to many athletic events but our new gym facilities help to make a nice atmosphere. I would still prefer events at MSG anyday! We have plenty of fraternities & sororities on campus but the majority of their activities are off campus. As for partying - that's off campus as well! So those are strictly invite only. No party-hopping for us Brooklynites! Since we're so close to the subway, a lot of time is spent going into the city or Park Slope. Park Slope is some serious unchartered territory & has some awesome places for college students. It's slightly more progessive/hipster than the traditional college scene but there's a lot of fun to be had - karaoke, trivia bars, etc. Kings Plaza (the closest mall) used to have discounted movie tickets but the theater there shut down so the nearest movie theater isn't near at all. Speaking of movies, the school usually has a Movie Night on the Quad, which is a nice time to hang on campus. As for dating on campus - it happens and the drama is pretty minimal & contained. Brooklyn is a commuter school so people don't really share their business with each other. That tends to put a strain on the social scene but again - find a group of friends and you'll have a solid social experience.


No social life


I keep hearing how there's no student life. Not True. The thing some of the clubs have rooms but they're in diff places on campus. Quite frankly there's been so many events on campus that I have been busy almost every week. It's just a matter of students not being lazy and getting out there and meeting people. As for parties, there's plenty of good packed parties during the semester, just no alcohol served.


To be honest not so much to speak of cause it's a commuter campus. Parties etc are organised by students and their friends more than by campus orgs.