CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Brooklyn College is a great commuter school that is in the center of a lot of cultural and urban institutions. It is a great school for students who are full and part time, and the classes are avaible many days and times to be flexable for students who work.


Anyone straight-laced, unimaginative and uninterested in being part of the future of what accessible, community-focused education looks like.


Most students in Cuny Brooklyn are aspiring artist. If you are a perspective student and intend on delving into the more practical majors, you may find a more suitable program at a different CUNY school. For example, I when I started in Cuny New York City Tech, I majored in Radiology. My passion resides in Creative Writing and Art. You're final choice should depend on what program you are attempting to get in to.


Someone who wants a small school. Also almost all professors do not allow for makeup exams or extra credit assignments and alot of professors do not curve.


Someone who cannot put school as their first priority and is just looking for a college degree


I think people who are unmotivated should not attend Brooklyn College.


People who are close minded and not willing to make the most of their daily expiriences should not attend Brooklyn College. The school has a lot to offer to those who are willing to embrace it.


This school is good for anyone because it is very diverse and the students are very friendly, as well as the professors.


Anyone, it really doesn't matter. If they're a bad student there's a system to help them graduate, if they're a good student there's a sytem to help them excel. There are students from a greater array of mankind then most Americans know even exist. As if all of that wasn't enough, it's also the poor man's harvard.


Brooklyn College has made a place for every kind of person. I was amazed at the oppurtunity chances that are offered at this college. It makes sure that no person is left behind and that everyone's needs are looked after in the best way possible. I think that any kind of person would love this college. This school also has a built in gym and pool for the students who cant afford these extra activities else where. I believe that what makes a college perfect is it's concern for the students and Brooklyn College meets those needs.


I think everyone should attend Brooklyn college. It's a diverse university. It's a four year school for undergraduates. This school has a good science program among the cuny school. The curriculums in my school can be challenging from time to time.


The type of person that should'nt attend this school is someone who isn't intent on having a better life for theirself. Also someone who is too laid back and wont apply themself the way they need to. Someone who only wants to do the bare minimum and doesn't want to go for the extra long haul of rigorous work.


The type of person who should attend this school is someone willing to make an effort. It is not a school with dorms so making friends is sometimes a little difficult. however, when you do make the effort it is well worth it. Also a person who can not afford a college like NYU but wants the same learning experience and education.