CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Communication between the departmens is a little frustrating since they don't so it's always best to keep in contact with them when there is a problem and make sure to follow up and scan important documents because you never know when you may need to show proof of something you've signed or filled out.


The commute. I had to take a bus and 2 subway lines to get to school


The most frustrating thing is not having more classes in a section to register for.


The administration is slow and filled with red tape. Also the financial aid counselors are not very helpful.


The most frustrating thing about Brooklyn College is how quickly classes fill up during registration.


No helpful staff. there is not one department in the entire school that i have had a positive experience with


The parking is very difficult and sometimes meters are broken. The meters are long enough (6hr) but sometimes when a student parks on a broken meter they get fixed while parked and the student gets a ticket. Parking is hard to find in general around campus so one must come quite early to find parking and wait for class otherwise one might be late while looking.


When I was at my transfer student registration day, no one would answer the questions I had. One women came close, but said I would have to go to the deparment office. That office is not open until the first day of classes. I was not able to register for the classes I needed, just a couple the school requires me to take.