CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known that school has such a big problem with diversifying its student population. It's a startling sight to sit in Brooklyn College's cafeteria. It's almost similar to what you would find in some of America's worst penitentiaries. Each "cliq" is seperated, not by popularity or style, but race.


I wish I had known about the Hillel, for me as a Jewish student I got to meet so many people there and they have great programs. The importance of reaching out to professors visiting them during office hours, even if I don't need help, just establishing a relationship. Also the campus has great resources for all kinds of stuff, find out about them and take advantage. Go to Magner Center your first year, don't wait until you're a junior or senior before you start planning for graduation.


What I really wish I had known was that financial aid does NOT pay for dorms, for a dorm you have to get a loan or pay for it outright.


Absolutely nothing, because CUNY-Broolkyn College thought me everything i need to know to survive in the "real world". Proud to say i am a well rounded individual.


How beautiful the campus is.


I wish I knew that fraternities and sororoties made up most of the social life at Brooklyn College, and that clubs and sports were the only way you would meet anybody. Because there are no dorms, most (if not all) students just leave as soon as class is out.


I wish i knew that in college everything is up to you, and if you want to do good you need to be willing and determined to do so. No body is going to tell you what to do and you must find everything out yourself.


that is cheap


In high school I wished that I would have had more fun and relaxed a little bit more. I spent so much time on academics and I didn?t really develop my skills to be more social and just hang out with my friends. Now that I am in college it is a lot of hard work and it gets really stressful and I could have just relaxed a little bit more and enjoyed being with friends. I would that I knew that you have to be more social and you do need friends to help you study in college.


I wish I had known that transfered credits take an academic year to be accepted, so it's difficult to register for some courses that require prerequisites in the first year, delaying the your progress.


I wish I would had known that it would allow me to have so many opportunites. This is because if i had known how much i would have learned and been able to do like having my own radio show then at first I would not have been upset for not getting my first choice.