CUNY Brooklyn College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The education I am recieving will defenitely help me become the best educator that I can be. Although tedious, the program I am enrolled in teaches me everything I need to know about becoming a teacher. The teachers in the education program are really committed to their students and are willing to assist us, even after the semester ends. Many of my previous professors have become my references and mentors.


The beautiful campus and the wonderfully patient professors. I firmly believe that I went to the best university for what I wanted to learn. The professors had long careers in the field that they are teaching in and is able to give their students practical real world advice on how to make their career goals come true.


The best thing about my school is the fact that they offer the Early Childhood Education because where I am from they don't offer it at the university level.


The best thing about Brooklyn College is that it is fully accessible. All the buildings have ramps and more than one elevator. The teachers are very accomodating to students with disabilities. The office that deals with students with disabilities is excellent.


I find the Brooklyn College campus to be a refreshing place to escape to when it's time to study. Being new to the college, I am able to find my way around the college easily with all the maps and building names posted outside. All the sports fields are very charming to view as I imagine the impact it will have on my education both mentally and physically. As a transfer student from the The Cooper Union, I see Brooklyn College as a worthy college to continue my education from my research and observation.


The best thing about this school is its DIVERSITY... very rich in culture from all over the world; not an experience i would have been guaranteed had i attended another school.


It is conveniently located. Making a schedule isn't to difficult, the classes fit in nicely.


The variety of courses offered for the majors available at this college provide students with a strong foundation for their intended career paths.


The diversity and interaction between the students are great. The Professors seem to care about students' success. Also, the college have lots of reacreational activities,such as tennis, pool and gym. For the most part, help is always there, regardless of what you need. Questions are answered and there's a variety of ways to get help. For example, students can obtain help through email, phone, appointments, or walk-ins. The faculty at Brooklyn College is like no other college. They are not only helpful, but they are kind, respectful, caring and they make sure you receive all you need.


The best thing about the school is the opportunity to learn from experts from a variety of fields.


The location is probably the best thing about the school. There are lots of restaurants and stores (bookstores, a pharmacy, a copy center etc.) including a shopping center. Everything is pretty much at your convenience.


The best thing about Brooklyn College are the types of courses it offers. All classes are excellent towards anyone 's academic career.


The best thing about my school is the diverse extra-curricular activities that are offered to the students. The setting of my campus, which makes the school look unique in its own way.