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What are the academics like at your school?

As a student of the Bernard and Anne Spitzer school of Architecture at the City college of New York, college life and the college experience differs greatly from that of other students. College graduates or current undergraduates attending the CCNY may speak about nights spent studying, or the pressure piling on because of the rigor the exams, or the paper that they must spend the weekend writing. For the architecture student, papers, and written exams are the least of our worries. The job of the architect is to use his or her imagination to establish the fundamental ideas and workings of a structure that is to be placed on any given site. For this to be done, there is a combination of brain storming, rigorous sketching, site analyzing, case studying, precise hand made drawing, computer renderings, preliminary models, working models, final models, floor plans, sections, perspectives and animations, just to name a few. A typical architecture student works with minimal sleep, does not leave the design studio often, works well under stress, produces all work with a great deal of passion, and designs with all aspects of architecture and society in mind. The architect combines the art of aestheticism, the desires of society, the needs of the owner, the imagination of the architect, and the use of all the sciences to create a dwelling or a structure that can perfectly in a site. It is not just a matter of studying; rather it is the act of always producing work to further analyzes an idea. It is not a course with right or wrong answers; it is an investigation through a specific lens. It is not a classroom it is a workspace. A student here does not have a professor, they have a professional architect giving their opinion on the work at hand. Participation is not an option it is a must. Students are motivated by each other as they all realize the competitive nature of this field. In the school of architecture, students are always in constant talk with their professors. Students not only speak via email to them, they are known to text and converge ideas verbally as class never really has an end. In the Siptzer and Anne school of Architecture building, the halls are filled with work. Students of all years carry long conversations on Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpieces, or the Capitol Complex in Dhaka, or how the new world trade center fits into modern society, or how simple architectural moves can rejuvenate South Street Seaport in downtown New York City. The school of architecture is but one of the many accredited programs in this institution. Each has their environments, their cultures, their expectations, and requirements.

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Most of the classes in this school are very small. So technically, professor tend to know the names of students. My favorite class happened to be the global perspective class. This is the class that actually helped me make up my mind about my major. I was very confused about what to considered as my major; however, after taking this class, i felt very optimistic in majoring in an International Studies. My less favorite class was Bio 103. I had one of the worst professor ever. he was very boring and did not seem to know the material well. I study 4 to 6 hours a day, considering the fact that I only work on campus. Students have intellectual conversation outside of class most of the time; and they are very competitive. The most unique class I have taken is Model UN class. this class taught me how to be diplomatic and I really enjoyed it a lot. I try to see my professors during their office hours at least once a week. There is no doubt that education at this school provide great chance of getting job.

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All of my professors know my name, and most make an attempt to and will by the first couple of weeks of class. My favorite class this semester is introduction to art history. My least favorite is my required science and technology course. Study habits depend on the student and the amount of time they feel should be devoted for each class. Class participation is common especially in smaller classes, such as liberal arts courses. I am double majoring in English Literature and United Sates History. The most unique class I have taken was Arts in NYC because we attended an opera, a play and went to the MTA to discuss Arts for Transit. Education at this school is geared towards learning. There are other services at City College that are available for help in locating jobs and internships that are in a field of interest.

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