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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

As a proud brother of the Honorable Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Incorporated, I bare witness to many events that occur on campus. The students at the city college of New York are filled with a great deal of enthusiasm, energy, and diversity. The school is united by the culture of southeast Asia with Indian dances and festivals, to the shows put together by the students from the Caribbean to tantalizing performances of Samba from south america to the display of American culture. During lavender week or homecoming, students come together and create showcases for the entire school to witness. The WCCR radio station electrifies the crowd on weekly bases to give students a break from studying. Student driven events and student involvement is growing by the year. From the steppers, to the belly dances, the salsa mamba club, to the greek organizations, to all clubs activities, CCNY is not a quiet place. As a brother of Sigma Lambda Beta, we throw events dealing with our principles of brotherhood, scholarship, leadership and community service. We throw fundraisers to raise money for our philanthropy or for specific organizations. We work with other Greeks on campus to throw shows and events for the entertainment of the students of CCNY. After becoming a brother in the semester of fall 2009, i have been witnessing the development and growth of Greek life in the school. Fraternities and Sororities have taken their rightful place in the school and are continuing to grow. Pride in the athletic program is growing as well. With the addition of the new athletic facilities, basketball, track, volleyball, swimming, and baseball have become the schools emblems. As the facilities finalize more and more, and the teams grow and stabilize, the pride that the school has in these teams grow as well. The CCNY Beavers are taking the campus over by storm. When it comes to socializing with other students, CCNY is like no other. People on this campus are confident, have much to say and interact with each other on a daily bases. Dating and going out on weekends or even thursday nights is a trend that has not changed in this school for years. In the city that never sleeps, the social experience is elevated to a new plateau. Movies, festivals, dining, exploring, traveling, sight seeing, and clubbing are all elements of the New York experience which seem to never have any limit or any end. This past weekend began with a dinner with the brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta, a movie and Uno night, then a day of movies, leading to a Banquet thrown by the brothers of Sigma Lambda Beta and the sisters of Sigma Lambda Gamma, and an all you can eat breakfast buffet on campus grounds. There is never a boring weekend when it comes to CCNY, and that is personified even more all of the energy and passion shown by CCNY students.

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There is no one club, team or organization that is immensely popular. There are a large number of such things on campus and everyone has different tastes and things that they gravitate towards. I am involved in a mentoring program that pairs upperclassmen with first year students. I also started a softball club with a friend. I got to know my friends through the program I am in, my major classes and by being friendly. Although CCNY has dormitories, a majority of students commute. I commute but I have friends that live in the dorm (the Towers as it is called). Students in the dorms are usually close with their roommates and people on their floor. I do live close to campus so I can not say what activities people engage in off campus at night or during the weekends. However, most students who dorm go home for the weekend if they are able to.

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