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In many cases the City College of New York is a more affordable college experience for an individual seeking higher education learning opportunities. It has been passed around by word of mouth that CCNY is a cheaper and far less sophisticated version of Columbia University which is located a mere twenty blocks away from campus. This stereotype has been supported by many false opinions and comments. CCNY is indeed a very financially friendly campus with yearly rates that are a fraction to that of Columbia University and most other private schools. However, the comments stating City College's standard for education is minimal and falls far inferior to that of other private schools is not a fact. Moreover, these are the facts that are not known to students: CCNY has produced the most ever Nobel Peace Prize Winners, programs in CCNY fall under top national rankings, the budget at CCNY is outstanding which provide students with services and resources that are top notch, student government and student life plays a large role and influence the manner in which the school is run, CCNY networks with various professions, clubs and organization to open doors for the students, and CCNY has established a campus that both isolates the school from society and interjects the school into society at the same time. The Spitzer Architecture Program, the ranging Engineering Programs, the Sophie Davis medical program, and the teaching academy are accredited courses and schools embodied within CCNY that have elevated this institution to be one of the top ranked in the nation. In the last few years, the athletics programs have vastly improved. Fraternities and sororities have begun to flourish and establish a new element of college life on these grounds. Social organizations, student government, clubs, and honor societies have created layers which make the college experience a lifestyle, rather than making City College solely a grounds for education. CCNY may be a fraction of the cost of Columbia University, however it is not a fraction of the entire college experience nor is it a fraction of the quality of education.

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Diversity is the best thing about my school. The City College of New York's student body is comprised of 32% Asian, 13% Black or African American, 28% Hispanic/Latino, and 18% White students. I had the opportunity work at the office of the Student Support Services Program at City College of New York, which I enjoy the most. This program is a federal TRIO Program sponsored by the US Department of Education exposes me to minority communities routinely. The program provides support for academic development, educational advising, and serves to motivate students toward the successful completion of their post-secondary education. The program's goal is to increase college retention and graduation rates of its participants, who are mostly persons from under-represented communities, by helping them to make the transition from high school to college. A lot of students are happy that they are getting very good quality of education with less financial burden. When most people think of this school, they think about the fact that it is first public higher institution in New York. It has produced some great people, General Collins Powell. The graduates of this school, most especially in engineering, are always in demand. The school is always participating in National Model UN; and it always comes up with a honor among many schools. Last year, we got distinguish delegation in National Model UN in which I participated.

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The best things about City College are the atmosphere and campus. The buildings are beautiful and the campus is well maintained.The quadrangle is a really nice place to sit, relax and eat lunch with friends. City College has a lot of clubs that meet at the same time, making it virtually impossible to be active in numerous clubs. I would stagger the meeting times more. CCNY (the City College of New York) has around 16,000 students but the campus is large so it seems as if it is a much smaller college. Most people do not recognize the school because people only know specific CUNYs and not realize there are many more campuses. I spend most of my time in the library of the North Academic Center or in the quad when the weather permits. The school administration is effective for a college of this magnitude. Our president holds receptions every week that students can attend and informally talk to her about ideas or complaints.

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