CUNY City College Top Questions

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The fact that it is in New York City makes it very unique compared to other schools I applied to. It makes the college experience very different than if you were to go to school anywhere else. Everyone in the city is always moving so quickly and so driven it makes you want to do that as well. As a theatre student too it's great to be in the hub of theatre for the country.


The City College of New York has excellent public service learning scholarships for those interested in community organizing or public policy. This school also possesses a spirit of activism with various programs in the space of City College dedicated to this work, such as the Colin Powell Center and the Assata Shakur Center.


City College offers a variety of majors that an individual can pick from which alot of other CUNY schools do not have. City College always has workshops that are helpful and answer alot of questions. There are a variety of programs at City College such as the Student Support Services Program that focuses on the individual and their own needs.


The school is overall okay but it would help if there were more advisors to help us guide our future.


City College made me feel most comfortable. It has a great atmosphere and teaching staff. City College is easy to get to from where I live.


This school has a very large campus. Each department has it's own building, and although some teachers might be a bit strict due to their positions, you will alsways find the help you'll need to pass your classes. The tuition is also cheaper than most universities. Some of the clubs will expose you to many fields of a specific occupation, which helps a lot. The school is also located close to the train station and is surrounded my different bus stops, not to mention that it provides a shuttle. There are many ways to enter the campus.


The college offers a rich and diverse environment where students decided and undecided in a career major can get the most out of a proper education by exploring a wide variety of options thanks to a great faculty of proffesors, counselors, and other members that conform the university.


It is close to home.


This campus is very big and culturally mixed. The courses held here are taught by some of the best people in their feilds. The tuition is low but there is a threat and worry of a spike coming soon. Many of the students are involved and active on what is going on in the school and are very focused as well.


It's cheap. A pretty decent bang for the buck.


The students that attend my school are not arrogant, racist or stuck-up.


The archetictecture.


City College is a unque becuase of the many diiferent language spoken on the campus.


What is unique about City College is that it has a rich history of great intellectuals that have either visited or attended the school such as Secretary of State, Colin L. Powell, who is an alumni, and Albert Einstein who visted the university in 1921 on his first trip to the United States. This school also offers a variety of programs for undergraduates making more likely for students who enter undecided to stay in the school if it offers the program of their choice.


My school offers an enormous amount of possible courses, majors and minors. At the same time there is an extensive amount of social opportunities (clubs, organizations, work-study, internships, etc.). The school is very diverse, which is one of the main factors that makes City College very attractive. It is also located local in the midst of New York City. No matter what you are looking for or where you want to go you can always find it. All you need to do is hop on a bus or train and you'll be there in a matter of minutes.




It's a commuter school, so maybe there's not much "communication" going around. But it's alright; the campus still feel warm and welcoming.


Diverse student body.

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