CUNY City College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person who is motivated and likes to make friends.


The kind of person who should attend this school should be the one's who are open minded to new experiences, cultures, and languages because, this university is very diverse and friendly.


City is very science oriented, so non-science majors like myself may seem few and far between. This doesn't mean we aren't welcome though! Also, the student population is extremely diverse, so it helps to be interested in other cultures and people.




Any person who is unsure of their major should attend City College. City College has a wide variety of majors that would please any student.


Anyone can attend City College, if they enjoy being in New York City. However, if small classes are preferred, then perhaps, this is not the school for you. Also, if you are used to seeking out information on your own, without anyone telling you and reminding you of things, then you're good. The school can get pretty disorganized at times and there are many events and information offered but not advertized, making it nearly impossible for students to take advantage of them.


I believe the type of person that should attend City College is someone who is really there to learn. City College is an institution that holds the future of the United States since it is so diverse. Anyone who would like to learn different cultures, point of views, and build a relationship with his or her professor, then this school is definitely for him or her.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone that have a clear foucs to what they want. Know what profession they want. A person who is resonsible and ready to do hard work. Someone is capable of manageing a home, school and work.


Students who are serious about learning and getting ahead in their intended field should attend this school.


The kind of person that should attend this school should be one that can manage a fast-paced lifestyle. He/she should also be capable of working independently and should possess a lot of initiative. A creative and/or hard-working student will definitely succeed at this school.


Anyone who is looking for a complete and excelent experience of learning and preparing for the future through a wide variety of options and oportunities


Peoples interested in becoming Engineers, Architects, or Doctors should attend this school. Those are the three strongest programs. Other excellent programs at City College include Sonic Arts and Jewish Studies.


I am in Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at CUNY City College of New York. This is a 7-year medical program. For students who are determined on becoming a doctor because of personal reasons rather than outside influences and those who want to make a difference on the underserved people in the community, this school is right for you. It is necessary to stay committed and be able to prioritize responsibilities and time manage. However, academics is not everything, and so one should also be dedicated in volunteering and doing good for the general public.


The kind of person who should attend this school is the kind of person who is very liberal and open-minded about diversity. This school has students from all over the world. It is a school that speaks over 50 different languages. Secondly, this school is in uptown Manhattan. It features many different and diverse cultures and heritages. It is a large school but one should not be too afraid because there are many small classes. In fact, there are more small classes than large lecture hall classes.




Science students who want to work constantly and have no social life, or art majors who are serious about their work, but can still lead a social life.


Anybody who wants to experience New York City and everything it has to offer. The school has a great campus, the best of all CUNY's a great faculty with experience in the business. If you like to work hard, and get your money's worth this is definitely the school for you!


A person that wants to have a better life and find a career that will better suit them in the future. A person that feels better in a learning enviroment that doesn't pressure you to do better than everyone else.


Anybody, really 'causeis a pretty diverse school, is like home outside home.


The kind of person that should attend City College is someone that is looking for a large, diverse school in an urban environment. Someone who would rather have a choice of commuting to school or living on campus but not be forced to live on campus because it's so far from home or not given the opportunity to live on campus if they'd like because the school does not offer it.


Someone who wants a New York City feel and that likes to pick and choose what types of activities they want to involve themselves in.


Someone who wants a good education for a reasonable price.


Anybody who loves the city and identifies themselves as a well-rounded very diverse person, or just if you are looking for something new and refreshing when it comes to learning.


Someone who cant afford going to a University. A hard working person who is interested in Engernearing, Pre Med , or Liberal Arts . And Some who has a low-income like myself and who plans to Graduate with a Perfect GPA and make their families and friends proub.

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