CUNY City College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


cuny City College is a wonderful college that has a strong emphasis on the liberal arts and sciences. I would recommend it to any students who inspire to have a career in those fields.


I would say the professors. All of the professors I've had so far have been very passionate about their work and very knowledgable. As a theatre student, all of my teachers work in their field in someway and come from very prestigious backgrounds. That is great because it helps you create connections in the field you are trying to be successful in before you've even entered it.


How organized and efficient they are. They always make sure to check back with you whenever there’s a problem or assistance to be had and when it comes to finding offices or rooms, the directions are easy to follow with the security staff being fully knowledgeable.


The best thing about City College is that it offers many extracurricular activities and it also offers much tutoring centers and help from fellow students or teachers. The extracurricular is great because everyone is interested in different things and at this campus, you can always find something that suits a person. The tutoring centers are great because they are really helpful for when someoone is struggling in a class. Going to the tutoring centers can surely boost up a student's grade for a class.


The best about City College is that it provided quality education, for an amazing price. I helps low income student who otherwise couldn't afford and education, have and education. Their are plenty of clubs to join, and if you can't find one you like you can it quite easy to make one of your own. The students are all very friendly and eager to learn.


Very diverse and has numerous buildings. When you enter the campus and see the numerous buildings surrounding it, you know that you are entering a place of learning and not just a building near fast food restaurants or stores.


The best thing about my school is that tuition isn't too costly for my family.


The diversity is the greatest thing about City. There isn't a kind of person you won't find here and everyone is so accepting of others. Groups of friends often represent so many corners of the world. Every day is a global education simply through socialization.


The best thing about my school is the amount of research labs available for students. I am into researching especially in plants and there's a lab for that.


I do not like anything about it.


(1) I think that this school has professors that are genuinely concerned for their students which is important. (2) The mentorship and counseling services are always available for students. (3) Since it's a CUNY school, the tuition is cheap while the quality of education is high.


My school is very diverse and the professor are well-known in their respective subjects and really want to see students succeed.


The amount of opportunities available to students.


What I love the most about my school is our variety of courses. No matter their major, students joyfully take courses in unfamiliar subjects that interest them. For example, I am a Jewish Studies major, and I enjoy taking English and Advertising courses which are not required for my major. We are able to learn about an array of subjects that simply are not available in high school. I thoroughly enjoy the freedom I have in choosing courses to complete a satisfying college career.


this school offers my major.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the students and the teachers and the friendliness I see daily.


friendly environemnt, amazing professors, space,


One thing that i love about my school is the fact that it is very diverse and it does offer opportunities for a student to learn more and engage more in the science field that they are interested in.


The best thing about my school is the diversity. Through out all the years of my life, I haven't met a more diverse group of people as I did, and I am meeting while at the City College of New York. I meet people of different ethnicities, races, sexual preferences, religions everyday. Each day is a new experience in which I get to befriend someone new. This allows for more diverse thought provoking conversations because every person brings a different quality from his or her own experience to the table. I love it.


Great education for very cheap tution compared to other schools in the country...

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