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Recent Reviews

What is your overall opinion of this school?

My favorite quality about Hunter is its diversity. Not only does the CUNY college have diverse cultures, it is also indicati...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

My favorite quality about Hunter is its diversity. Not only does the CUNY college have diverse cultures, it is also indicative of the true nature of New York City with its economically and politically diverse students. One thing I would change would be people’s perceptions of non-Ivy League colleges and making people realize what an amazing school Hunter is. When I tell people I attend Hunter, they usually tell me that they heard great things about the school and congratulate me on choosing the college. I spend most of my time in the Undergraduate student government (USG) ofiice, since I am one of the executive board members of the USG. Hunter is in New York City: the entire city is our own town. Hunter's administration tries very hard to work with its students and there are many exceptional people who truly care about the welfare of the students. I believe there is a lot of school pride, because I often meet students whose mothers and grandmothers attended Hunter. The fact that Hunter was chosen as the site for the 30th anniversary conference for the one and only national feminist conference on November 10 and 11, 2007, was unforgettable. One of the chief organizers, Liz Abzug, could have easily chosen Columbia, where she teachers, but chose Hunter for various reasons, including the fact that her mother, the late Congresswoman Bella Abzug is a Hunter alumna.

Describe the students at your school.

My favorite quality about Hunter is its diversity. Not only does the CUNY college have diverse cultures, it is also indicative of the true nature of New York City with its economically and politically diverse students. I am Muslim, but often spend time in Hillel and even had joint events with the club using The Women's Rights Coalition. I can't imagine anyone feeling out of place at Hunter, unless they were a member of a hate group such as KKK. There is a very diverse range of opinions at Hunter, but being a NYC college, we tend to be more liberal than our southern counterparts.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

Both of these stereotypes are false. Many of the Hunter students are just as bright, if not harder working, than Ivy League college students. They choose to attend Hunter not because they do not have the merit to attend an Ivy League College, but because of economic reasons. Recent accomplishments by Hunter students in National competitions prove this point. Although we are a commuter college, and many students have jobs as well as familial responsibilities, we still have an active campus life. There are over 115 undergraduate student clubs alone, and every week there are countless events and activities. Hunter students are conscientious and caring individuals who make a difference in their community.

What are the academics like at your school?

Many professors do know my name. My favorite class is the graduate class Media & Violence by Prof. Gorelick and other Women's Studies classes, such as the psychology of women and Immigration and Gender. Students are very active in class and we often stay long after class, engaging the professor with our questions and lively discussions. I am a marketing and public relations double major and psychology minor.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

There are many popular groups, including Alpha Phi Omega, ASU, CSU, IVCF, Muslim Students Association, Hillel, QSU, etc. My boyfriend is someone I met through student government. Unfortunately, with women composing more than 70% of the student body, many girls have to date outside of the college population. We have a bi-weekly speakers series from USG alone, that brings in interesting and acclaimed speakers such as Broadway playwrights, internationally acclaimed journalists, humanitarians, etc. There are at least 2 different speker events each week. As I mentioned, we have a very active student life. Each year, we have 2 club fairs, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners, Spring Break and back to school parties, Relay for life events, sexual assault awareness events, clothesline project, vagina monologues, etc. fraternities/sororities are not as important, which I believe is a good thing. Last weekend, I was in school for a USG-wide meeting and spent the remainder of my time with my boyfriend and avoiding homework. How I manage to keep summa cum laude grades is a mystery to me. Most of our events do not involve drinking. I try to take advantage of NYC as much as possible, and have diverse interests such as canoing on the Bronx River, attending the Cherry Blossom festival, going to the motorcycle show, the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show, etc.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

Some question the merit of Hunter students because it is not an Ivy League college. Others might accuse us of being apathetic, since we are a commuter school.

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing about Hunter is its location. It is very nicely situated a meer 15 minute train ride from the hustle and bust...

What is your overall opinion of this school?

The best thing about Hunter is its location. It is very nicely situated a meer 15 minute train ride from the hustle and bustle of New York City. It's a very nice, safe area, and is very accessable. I would change that student activities area. Currently, there is only 1 floor committed to student clubs, and I'd like to see more. I love the size of the school, and would even like to see more students coming through the doors. People react very favorably when I tell them I go to Hunter, almost all saying how far Hunter has come recently. I spend most of my time in Hillel, making friends with the people there. NYC is definitely a college town, 100%. There's always something to do, and always someone willing to do it with you. The administration at Hunter serves its purpose, but I don't think it goes above and beyond the call of duty. I would comment that President Raab has done a great job transforming the school. There is absolutely no school pride, partially due to the lack of any semblance of sports.

Describe the students at your school.

The Hunter student body is extremely active. There are over 120 clubs at the school, helped along by the fact that Hunter is a very diverse school. There is really something for everybody. I have experienced some strife between clubs, but it's at a minimum. Most clubs just serve their purpose and have a good time. I really don't think any student at Hunter could possibly feel out of place. If I were to describe it in the most high school of terms, I would say that the tables in the cafeteria are all mixed up. Every ethnic group is paired with whomever they're talking to at the time. I don't find that ethnic groups stay together at all, with most branching out to other ethnic groups. In the classroom, you're not of a group of people, you're a student trying to learn.

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?

I think the stereotypes are mostly accurate. I would say that the least accurate stereotype is the intelligence. While there is an element within the school that harms the image of Hunter as a good college, most of the students I've met are very smart.

What are the academics like at your school?

The academics at Hunter are amazing. Most of the professors are ivy league graduates, and are very friendly. They often are masters of their subjects, and are able to impart that knowledge to the students. Some of the professors are personable. The level of passion in the classroom is lacking a little. Most of the students just coast through the classes and exams, often asking very few questions and not getting involved. In my department sepcifically, the Accounting Department, the professors are amazing. Outside of class they are always willing to talk to you about whatever you want. The advisors will bend over backwards to help you through the process of selecting the right classes and getting through in 4 years.

What are the most popular student activities/groups?

The most popular groups at Hunter are Hillel, International Socialist's Organization, and African/African-American clubs. Hillel is the most active in terms of events, while the ISO has the loudest political voice on campus. In terms of parties, the African/African-American clubs are most active, with an extremely close nkit group of friends that love to just have a good time after class. Athletics are almost non-existant. Dating is interesting at Hunter. There's no dorm campus, per-se, so it's difficult to see a girl/guy outside of class, unless you make a concerted effort. I would say the scene is easier for men, as the school is largely women. Going out at night is great, and I often go out with people from Hunter. Again, it is a little more difficult since people live all over NYC, but people are willing to travel into Manhattan to hang out. When I go out, there is almost always drinking, and on the brief occassion, a lot of it. I'm also no opposed to heading out in the middle of the day with some friends and grabbing a drink at a bar.

What is the stereotype of students at your school?

I think a lot of people assume Hunter students are both less intelligent and poorer than students at other universities in the city. I would also say that most people think Hunter is very "ethnic", and politically VERY liberal.


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