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What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?

I think the stereotype is that the college is filled with people who are unmotivated as well as people who did not have a competitive application for other colleges and came to hunter by default, aside from Macaulay students. There are of course students, like at all colleges, that may not have found their way yet and skim through school, but plenty of students outside of Macaulay are hard working and have just as competitive an application as anyone else. I just met a girl the other day who turned down Johns Hopkins and is extremely happy at Hunter, not in Macaulay.

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There is no stereotype that I know of.

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The student body population at Hunter College is eclectic in nature and for that reason does not necessarily have one particular on-going stereotype. In fact, with such diversity all kinds of stereotypes can be found from geek to chic.

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