CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


This school is best known for its affordable tuition, in other words, most bang for your buck school.


it has very challenging science courses


The name of my College is Hunter College, a city university of new york college. Known for its excellence in graduating the best graduates in New York and often sought after by employers from all works of life.The school is highly competetive because of the high standard of education it provides and i am proud to be a member of Hunter College.


I would guess Hunter College is best known for it's education program. It began as a school for women interested in teaching some time in the late nineteenth century. Even today more women than men attend Hunter, which is something else the school is known for. Oh, I guess I should also mention the purple and gold school colors. There seems to be a clear line dividing those who appreciate the grape colored graduation gowns and those who detest it. Either way, you can't think of Hunter and not think about the lovely color purple.


My school is best known for its education quality. It has been rank number two for “Best Value” in public education according to the “Best Value Colleges for 2010”. According to “The Princeton Review’s” 2011 edition of the "Best 373 Colleges" it’s one of the best colleges or universities in the United States.


My school is best known for being fairly liberal. Most of the classes tend to lean toward English, History, Film and Humanities. It is also notorious for being almost impossible to register for a science class. There is one psycology class for 10,000 people. Another trend I've noticed is that most people I know that went to Hunter stayed for two years and then left to other college. One girl I knew became a farmer, but I don't think that's really the school's fault.


I would say Hunter College is best known for it's nursing program. A good number of my friends are in either the nursing or pre-med program. From my understanding, the curriculums of these programs are very rigorous. I also know that the pre-law program is well known. I am a student in the pre-law program, and noticed that a number of my peers attended Hunter specifically to study law.


Top 100 public college, but the students have to find out themselves if the school worths it. Some of the Hunter professors are wonderful.


Hunter is the exact illustration of what it is to be a melting pot. Honestly, there are so many different cultures and such a liberal and out spoken community, it truely reminds you where you are - New York City. I have yet to go to class and not witness a bake sale for a cause or see posters regarding the Middle East and it's turmoil.


It is best known for their nursing program


My school is best known for the Nursing Program for Undergraduate students.


It's diversity.


My school is best known for its science, especially its Biology studies.


Nursing, apparently. When I tell people I go to Hunter, I often get the question, oh, for nursing?


Ranked as one of the best-valued colleges and universities in America by US News and World Report, CUNY Hunter offers a wide variety of challenging courses in liberal arts and sciences, education, pre-nursing, and pre-med with an affordable tutition. Like the courses, the student body is very diverse, with a large population of students from the metropolitan area, from all over the USA, or even from around the world.


Hunter College is best known for its Graduate school. It was ranked 10th in U.S. News and World Report of 2010. Besides being known for its Graduate school its also known for being the most diverse school in the country. Here no one would be an outcast and its very easy to make friends of your nationality. Its diversity allows the clubs to be very diversified as well. Being at Hunter theres no need to travel around the world to get a grasp of each culture, its many clubs and students provides one with enough information.


its diversity and competitiveness to get into the nursing program.


Its Pre-Med program, location, Diversity, Good Reputation.




It is best known for its highly competitive nursing program, and it's creative writing program.


My school has graduated some of the country's most successful writers, professors, and scientists.


its diversity and good education for a very affordable price


Hunter is best known for its excellent nursing program that is the best among all CUNY colleges.


The CUNY system is well regarded in New York, and the tuition costs are low. It's exciting to go to college in the heart of Manhattan.


diversity, being next to central park


nursing and psych studies. they place lot of emphasis on study of social behaviors.


Nursing Program


the bridge


My school is best known for it's diverse student population and good education system. I also has a great and competitive nursing program


Hunter is probably best known for being a forward-thinking school, once of the first and best schools for women, of whom there is still a majority.


Its very diverse and has a very inexpensive tuition. I think its a school that has a very intense school for nurses or biology.

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