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one thing this school has is that it is very involved in the arts. Being that my minor is in dance i appreciate the schools involvment with the department when most colleges do not.


My school is unique mostly because of it's diversity- both in location/environment as well as social/economic/culture. Set in the heart of the Upper East Side in Manhattan, it allows students from out of the city to experience city life as well as nearby Central Park's nature. While I grew up in a pretty diverse environment, it still amazes me how entirely different almost each and every student is. Alongside diversity between students, the classes offered were even more impressive. Mythology, Human Sexuality, and Vampires & Folklore are three examples of diverse classes.


Genuinly diverse and prepares you for real life settings


It is surrounded by city libraries and resources to accomplish your goals. opportunities to study abroad. It is known for it's Math, sciences and Music. The tuition isn't expensive and financial is readily available for students in need of it.


Probably the building. A vertical campus consisting of three buildings doesn't lend itself to enabling frequent interactions with other students. You come to class, do the work, then leave. I suppose most New Yorkers don't have much time to sit around and chat anyway.


Hunter offers a unique perspective being in the middle of such a large city. It exposes you to the extremes of the real world around every corner. And I think being in New York City, it drives students to live the "New York" lifestyle when they leave college, which is probably benifical for their careers. They make it easy to register for and take your classes (with the exception of only offering some courses once a day). And the diversity that you find here won't be matched at most other schools in this country.


As it pertains to me, their foreign language programs is one of the best among CUNY. They recently got almost a million in funding to start a flagship Chinese education program. Also, the professors, not the adjuncts, tend to be big shots in their field. If you look them up online, you'll see that they tend to have a finger in every pie. Last, all the buildings are connected which means that when its raining, you dont have to get wet to go to your next class in another building.


The diversity at Hunter is what makes it unique.


Hunter has a reputation for having the best nursing program in New York City. I have strived to become a nurse and goiung to Hunter will, hopefully, fulfill my dreams of becoming one.


I think that what makes Hunter unique to other schools is that it is a CUNY, and while most CUNY's often do not have great reputations, Hunter has a great reputation with a concerned and competative staff. I think it is unlikely that other schools are as diverse and aware of the world at large as Hunter College is.


Well Hunter College is in the middle of the City not too far from Central Park. I love being about to walk around the park with my friend in the Spring. Also all of our buildings are connected by glass bridges so while you're eating lunch on the bridges you can watch the city come alive. The cars passing by, the people walking up and down. And oh yea it's in the perfect area for shopping!


What was unique about Hunter College was its diversity in both student body and faculty. I believe that if you can teach and learn amongst other races then you can work amongst them as well.


This school is in the center of the city. Transportation is easy and a variety of places are easy to get to. There is a park (Central Park) just a few streets down for people to relax and exercise. There are also many resturants, convience stores, boutique stores, etc. around the area so students at Hunter can enjoy themselves on a break or just to hang out.


It is in the city right near Central Park.


Hunter College is very "student oriented". The professors treat us like their own children, the staff are very eager to see us succeed, and the fellow peers are never quick to give up on their classmates. It is a world all its own, and I am proud to be part of it.


It s a very well known and popular school that many want to be accepted by


There are activities suited to every interest possible. You can find many leadership opportunities, do a lot of community service, and network with people in your field of interest.


nothing much.


It is in-city, and has no real campus, consisting of 4 buildings on one intersection in New York City. The dorms are at the other end of Manhatten. It's a commuter school. Also, it is a public college, as opposed to the run-of-the-mill private ones.


it has premed and it is in the city


the diversity the location


If you know your major and are coming to Hunter specifically for it, do not only see a general advisor as a freshman; also go to the department that you intend on majoring in and speak to them about the exact requirments you need in order to have a direct known path, or intention for the next 3 years you will spend at Hunter. A lot fo the students are not told this when they first come into the school, therefore, many of the students at Hunter are graduating a semester, even a year later than normal.


amazing diversity! the cuny honors college.


Maria and Jackie talk about the diverse Hunter community.


A student discusses the student body’s interest in learning, Hunter campus life, the surrounding area, & lack of pride


On the 3rd Floor Bridge, an interview with our Hunter intern Irina, who is a psychology major


If you like Manhattan and being on the go, Hunter is for you.


The palestinian club has signs with swastikas on it. thats a hate crime and not free speech. it should be taken down now!


Hunter is not all that bad. People are just busy and tired from being busy. Doesn't make us any less intelligent than those in private universities.


sometimes i feel like there really isn't much opportunity to make friends, mostly because you only get to see them for one or two classes, sometimes twice or once a week for an hour. and when that semester is over and you don't take the same classes with that person anymore and you move onto different students who eventually does the same thing. i met my friends because we had a block in our first semester, so we would be in the same classes everyday, we would see each other everyday, talking about the current classes etc. its a block where the students are working towards the same goal so its quite easy to befriend them.




Don't be deterred from choosing to go to Hunter just because it's a CUNY. This is a great college (especially in medical studies).


Hunter is a good school when you get used to the fast pace.


Overall, Hunter is a comfortable campus, and has a place for everyone; for the timid, the foreign, the native and the buoyant!


Hunter is GREAT!

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