CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


The first isn't true. If you're outgoing, you'll make friends. If not, it can be difficult. The food, though, isn't the best. And it's expensive.


people are not stupid but they are often immigrants and do not know english well, have many jobs after school and arent invested in studying, go to get a degree not for the sake of learning.


Not even close. There are many extremely intelligent individuals I've met here, especially in the medical fields (not saying there aren't smart ones in others). No one is careless. Everyone studies hard, and puts on and puts on a "mask". But underneath we're all very concerned about our course work and futures.




Somewhat, sure.


No. Even though Hunter has been described as socially isolating, I haven't felt this way since beginning. Yet this could be because many of my high school friends also are students at Hunter. Though Hunter is safe, it does not card students who enter the college. So, technically anyone can enter the building directly from the subway at any time. Usually security will notice shady characters and kick them out immediately. Yet I did see a homeless woman once entering the women?s bathroom in one of the buildings.


Not really. Even if most students do subscribe to a particular political ideology, they don't force it down people's throats the way some people believe. Also, while some classes have been easier than my high school classes, on the whole the school has really good academic programs, and the students here are, if anything, more motivated to do well than in other colleges.


Yes, it's true. Signing up for classes (especially introductory courses) is really exhausting. The servers are very slow, so by the time you do get to sign up (after waiting for two hours!)your class is closed. And you?re left begging the professor to over tally you, or need to take the class at odd hours, such as the evening; creating uneven and long breaks.


No they're not. Actually, I've made many friends. It depends on the individual and the time he inputs in getting to know his peers. And, yes, soem professors are not that great. But that goes for any college. Most professors here are nice and intelligent.


They are not true most of the time. A lot of students go into college with an undecided major, and take different courses at Hunter to find what they want.


These stereotypes are not true. I?ve met wonderful people here at Hunter. I think this stereotype stems from the fact that most people are quick to leave after classes end


Mostly. It's pretty easy to shift between groups, identities, interests etc. so it seems like there are a lot of niches to fit into.


Yes and no. Most students at Hunter college are very receptive and eager to meet and get to know new people, and build friendships. However, many students are also juggling jobs on the side, extracurricular activities, or are parents as well. There is a come-and-go tendency with students. Many are eager to finish their classes for the day and hop on the six train home or wherever else they are needed. Mostly, people become familiar with those they have shared multiple classes with and stick together, yet still there is a tendency with many students to avoid large groups and depend on friendships outside the college. Especially when you are only starting, and your classes are so diverse on subjects that you may rarely see the same face twice in a class setting for months at a time.


To the best of my knowledge, I think this stereotype is false. I am someone who was accepted to some of the top private universities in the country but opted to go to Hunter. I feel academically challenged because I chose to be. It doesn't really matter what institution you are at, the education you get will be the eduaction you choose to get.


Both of these stereotypes are false. Many of the Hunter students are just as bright, if not harder working, than Ivy League college students. They choose to attend Hunter not because they do not have the merit to attend an Ivy League College, but because of economic reasons. Recent accomplishments by Hunter students in National competitions prove this point. Although we are a commuter college, and many students have jobs as well as familial responsibilities, we still have an active campus life. There are over 115 undergraduate student clubs alone, and every week there are countless events and activities. Hunter students are conscientious and caring individuals who make a difference in their community.


I think the stereotypes are mostly accurate. I would say that the least accurate stereotype is the intelligence. While there is an element within the school that harms the image of Hunter as a good college, most of the students I've met are very smart.

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