CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Affordability, resources


That it is the best of all of the City University of New York schools and that it has an excellent faculty and facilities which benefits me in many ways and that I am extremely greatful to attend school there.


Being Hunter college student, after a completion of two years college, i really feel like i am already advanced. in addition, Hunter college has lot of well known professors in the NY state and even nation wide. It s teaching and acting majors notoriousity has us bragging about this college. Infrastucture wise, nice indoor swimming pools, gymnesium and library are also to be consider since all colleges in NYC don't have it. In last, hunter college being in middle of Manhattan, NY, it seems like prestigious college. It s exciting.HHunter


I like the fact that it's recognize for its high academics, but at the same time it is an affordable school that anyone in any economic status can attend with enough hard work. That is usually what I brag about the most.


I brag about the quality of the class. I have only been going to this school for a week and the teachers are extremely helpfull and so is the staff.


There is an incredibly diverse student body, providing a rich atmosphere in which to learn, develop and create. As a student returning to college after a 7 year hiatus, it is great to be in classes with students of all ages and all backgrounds. Many students are also returning to school to complete degrees or pre-requisites for post graduate programs; they have a greater focus and purpose in their studies and in their lives. Also, with New York City as the campus, any student is guaranteed an education that integrates classroom learning with real life experience and opportunity.


The people here are so nice (students, faculty) and there are a lot of opportunities thrown at me everyday that can help me explore the world. I 'm experiencing so many things that I love it! The best part is if you need help in anything (schoolwork, financial aid, clubs, even FOOD) there will always be a person in Hunter willing to lend a hand. Feels just like a real family!


My school is uniquely diverse in it's faculty and student body. I admire the diversity it allows people to interact with others from very unique culturally diverse background, which creates well round individual who can acclimate to various surroundings.


When I talk about going to CUNY Hunter for my undergraduate degree, I tend to point out how wonderful the staff and teachers are. I also like to discuss just how diverse and culturally rich Hunter College is. The facilities are wonderful, and we are lucky enough to have state of the art equipment. I also feel that the dining services at Hunter are great, which is terrific for us busy students. Mostly, I tend to brag to my friends about how great Hunter is and that is in the middle of one of the greatest cities on earth.


location location location


How many places can you go, with such a wid evariety of choices for classes that is only $5000 a year


The most impressive characteristic is the variety of students that attend Hunter College. It is fascinating to meet students of various ethnicities because it exposes students to new concepts and cultures. For example, in a math class, one could learn about the different ways countries subtract by simply interacting with his or her classmates. This is one of the most efficient ways of learning about other cultures while socializing with one's peers.


Its located in New York City


The different kinds of people that I have met through out the years that I was there. You never know who's going to be your new friend, and you'll never know how they may help you in the long run.


The space avaiable on-campus for students to study or just sit and relax.


At the times, this college's course are very difficult as opposed to most other schools around the area. Thus, I learn a lot here. And it also seems like every student is part of a group which is bond as a whole by similar experiences than everyone has.




7 floors of library and it is the deepest building in new york.


I am a part of the dance department. It's a really great program .


The Pre-Med program is very hard but it will worth it in the end and I'm proud i go to this school


It's very inexpensive and in the middle of Manhattan

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