CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


It isn't sociable, the cafeteria food sucks.


Students are stupid, poor, and uninvolved in school events.


That the Hunter student body are somehow inferior to other students. That they are careless.


Hunter Students are anti-social.


Poor, working-class. Apathetic about the school.


The stereotypes about Hunter are that it's not a very social environment, and that it could be unsafe.


We're all very liberal, socialist students, almost like the descendents of hippies. We're mostly women, very feminist, and hate Republicans. The school is really bad, with students who are not academically strong, and the curriculum in general is very easy


There aren't that many. Maybe, that the registration process (ESims) is really tedious.


Because Hunter is so large, people don't take the time to interact, and also that professors are not that great.


People attend Hunter because they could not get into the school they actually wanted to go to.


Many people think Hunter students are self-absorbed or, in general, unapproachable because they are always rushing.


the school is pretty huge and diverse, so it's hard to lump everyone into one stereotype. There are a lot of groups, cliques, etc. so a lot of "sub-stereotypes". For example- a lot of pre-med students are immigrants, the russian kids from brooklyn, the smart chinese kids. You've got the yuppies with artsy majors, a pretty large gay/lesbian population and a subculture that goes along with that (which again, gets linked to certain academic departments). There are the honors college kids, with their own lounge, free room and board and lots of other perks- regular students raise their eyebrows at you when they hear you're from the honors college. There is also a sizeable population of older students, people who work and go to school full or part-time, post-bacs who come to hunter to get a few more credits before making huge career changes.


Hunter college contains one of the most overabundant and diverse body of students in the Tri-State. Because Hunter is a commuter school, allowing for efficient transportation to and fro the campus, students come and go constantly, usually rushing home after classes or to work. For this reason, it is said often that Hunter is also a very isolated environment. The very characteristic which allows for students to easily travel to school, to work, and home, is believed to be the very attribute which creates separation between students, and disallows for the creation and building of more solid relations and friendships. Because of this, it is also believed that Hunter's student body is not only individualistic, but even less receptive to fellow students and creating lasting bonds.


Hunter is classified as a public CUNY-system school that has a relatively poor educational program. Since it is not a private school, people often think that students will not get the best education possible.


Some question the merit of Hunter students because it is not an Ivy League college. Others might accuse us of being apathetic, since we are a commuter school.


I think a lot of people assume Hunter students are both less intelligent and poorer than students at other universities in the city. I would also say that most people think Hunter is very "ethnic", and politically VERY liberal.

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