CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


About Hunter? Nothing. Only possible thing? Close proximity to subway trains.


The best thing about my school is also the worst thing, and that is, that it is a commuter school. Because it is not a campus people are coming and going all day and it is definietly quiet during the weekends. However you can't beat having a campus in Manhattan and going home after class.


The best part about going to Hunter is the diversity of the students. Most students who attend Hunter are either first generation American or are immigrants. The people I met during my four years at Hunter allowed me to travel in my years after graduation.


The other students and their helpfulness. If you need directions or need help in a class a student or one of your classmates usually will not mind helping you. In my preivous college most students kept to themsleves and did not talk to anyone unless they had to. You had the rare moment when this was not the case but not often. So this was a nice change for me and I'm happy the student community here is so helpful.


Services that are geared for students trying to get career experience; financial aid help; overall student assistance.


The campus, the location, and students!


The best thing I consider about my school is that it challenges students academically, you have to be on your toes regardless of what discipline in you are in or taking courses from, If you get carless and loss focus you will not make it in this institution; it’s not for carless students. You have to keep focused and balance everything else in your life in order to be successful in this school.


The best thing about Hunter College is the vast array of diversity present on the campus. I moved up here from South Carolina and was never exposed to such a diverse environment before. It is pretty incredible how open minded and sociable people are on topics. Coming to this school has broken a lot of stereotypes that I once had.


The best thing about Hunter College is the affordability factor. Hunter offers an amazing education for an affordable price to all.


Creativity of the students.


The best thing about my school is the computer labs. M y previous college was very limited but Hunter has numerous computer labs to accomodate their students.


Hunter College is most noted for its diversity. I enjoy having a diverse group of students to work with and learn from. There is never that moment where a person feels left out because there is just so many different type of people in the school that you are bound to feel comfortable with. It is very important to have that comfort zone because I believe it helps in a student’s development of knowledge. Hunter College makes all students and faculty feel comfortable therefore making it a great place to experience all the potential within you.


Its location in the middle of New York City allows students to get more than just an education. There are plenty of museums to visit, parks to go to, and job opportunities to find in such a bustling city.


The best thing about Hunter College is the location where the college is located. Due to the fact that its in Manhattan, Hunter College gets the fast pace life style that the students ofNw York can relate to.


The best thing about Hunter College is that the majority of the professors and adjuncts are very enthusiatic about what they are teaching.


What I consider to be the best thing about Hunter College is its Foreign Studies. Hunter College offers over 12 languages to study. As a student interested in studying Chinese, Japanese and possibly German as well as an intrest in studying abroad Hunter College was the best choice for me. The forieng language courses offered at my college will help me pursue my career in International Relations.


The best thing about my school I would have to say is its location. It?s so easy to access from anywhere within the five boroughs of New York. The college has its own stop in the 6 train and it?s in the heart of New York, Manhattan! Its just minutes away from Central Park and there are a lot of retail stores; Hence, if you need a last minute outfit, Arden b, Banana Republic and more are right around the corner. Its diverse student population is also another feature that I love about the college.


I feel the English department in my school is the best thing about Hunter because the professors for many of the classes guide you in your writing while also allowing you to be creative and develop your own style at the same time.


The best thing about Hunter College is defitinely the education. In this school your taught very well and basically drilled the information into your head. It prepares you well for future jobs.


I feel like I belong - my efforts are noticed.


its racially diversity because there was no majority or minority in Hunter College. it was equally diverse and you get along with everyone.




the city life. easy access to local stores, resturants, and etc.


The best thing about this school is it's diversity and it's acceptance of who you are. There are so many different types of people that attend this college and everyone is very accepting and very friendly.


The professors are very understanding of students who have full-time or part-time jobs because New York City is so expensive. If you have to miss class here and there it isn't a huge problem.


I think the best part about Hunter is the price for the degree of education that you recieve. I can't think of another school in this price range that offers a similar caliber of faculty, courses and services.


it is affordable college with various programs that are well known around New york city.


price and location. it is a public school so i can afford it. it is located in the heart of New York city so it is convenient and easy to get to.


The experiences I had over the course of my undergraduate career in this college is surreal. The amount of academic resources and student life venues are quite richly extensive. It is highly academically competitive, but would not preferred it being any other way. It pushes you to go beyond you perceived intellectual and social boundaries in order for you to reach your full potential and prepare you for the real world.


If you like to associate with people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, Hunter is THE school to attend. The group of people that you may meet in your degree classes will almost become like a second family to you. Everyone is usually really helpful and most professors are really great. PLUS, the education you receive is definitely worth the low tuition you pay if you are a New York City Resident.


The best thing about my school is that it has so many venues around it that allows for great social life and learning experience. It is not a very big school, therefore you thend to get to know some people very well. Central Park is very close to us and we are in the middle of the semester.


The diversity. I enjoyed feeling like a little fish in a big sea. There are so many people at the school. So much to learn from them. There are many international students I have become friends with. I love the people at this school because they , or their parents, are not spending a lot of money to go there so you know the real reason they are enrolled is for the education not the school's name. The professors are so well educated themselves. I always had masters and doctors as professors with the rare exception.


The diversity among the students. I love that we are located 5 min from central park and 5 minutes from time square.


The incredible amount of diversity because it makes the simple task of walking down a hallway a learning experience as I can meet people from every corner of the earth, of every religion, creed, sexual orientation and socio-economic background. It makes classes all the more interesting as I can hear views and opinions that I would not ordinarily hear if I went to a school with a demographic similar to myself.

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