CUNY Hunter College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is dealing with Financial Aid. Unfortunatly, there is a lot of run around and waiting in lines to get through. The people who work in the department are exhausted and have very difficult jobs organizing and dealing with many students. As a student you must be patient, organized, ready with your information and prepared to follow their directions. If you stick with it, the difficulties will end, but it will be a hardship.


the camaraderie the students are not very helpful its every man to themselves


i would say the dorms arw the worst thing about the school. the dorms tend to be left unclean or have severalmissues where the alarm goes off or the showers dont get hot. In my opion the dorms cost way too much money for the quality of it.


The administrative is hard to navigate. It is impossible to navigate when not physically present at school. I am glad I am at Hunter as an upper-level student, because going into Hunter as a freshman would have been a difficult transition.


The worst part about Hunter is that its a commuter school. Very few students live on campus which makes it very hard to make friends in your first year.


The worst thing I consider in this school would have to be registering for classes. There's a whole bunch of us students and sometimes having a late registration time isn't beneficial. Cross that-- having a late registration time is never good. Everyone's trying to register for classes where the teachers are highly rated and sometimes the times of the classes clash too. Overall, it's a pain to have to change the "perfect schedule" because you couldn't register for it.


I would have to say the bureaucracy. It's very hard to get any straight answers from the financial aid office, the bursar, or the registrar. It has also been really hard to be involved in the clubs because the college association and student activities are hard to deal with. Everyone who works in these offices wants to help, but they are often not well-informed. Eventually, you can get stuff done but you have to be insistent and ask for supervisors.


The worst thing would have to be the social aspect of the school. There are many, many friendly people in the school, but because of large classes and Hunter being a commuter school, it can be difficult to form a lasting friendship. School clubs as well as school events due help to curb this issue.


There really isn't anything that bad about Hunter.


The worst thing about this school is the location and the style of the Campus. It is so confined to just a handful of interconnected buildings and is located on a very congested, noisy intersection.


The worst thing about Hunter College is that it a bit over crowded in some classes.


The worst is possible the campus. If you are looking for a traditional college feel, this is not it. Rather this is one step away from getting use to the hard post grad NYC life. Which is both a blessing and a curse. At the end you will be better equipped to negotiate the city but you miss opportunities to built longer lasting friends the way you do in traditional colleges. Hunter is a commuter school and that means folks come in, go to class and usually go off to work with little time for engaging other students.


Probably the building. A vertical campus consisting of three buildings doesn't lend itself to enabling frequent interactions with other students. You know that classic, animal house style experience that movies tell you you're supposed to have in college? You won't find that here


There's nothing that I consider to be the worst or bad about my school. I have been very satisfied with it, and I am glad I chose Hunter.


science classes are too big the lack of places to hang out and study comfortably


The food in the cafe for the students to eat has very limit. Please consider to offer more plenty and various food to the student since there are not many food to buy around the school. The staffs in the registrar office are not that nice. Most of the computers outside of the registrar office, in the hallway and student resources center are not working. I am wondering how the school used the tech and student activities fee for.


The worst thing about Hunter is the administration. The classes/professors are great, but the administration staff are the worst! They lose information, then blame it on the student. Or worse, they transcribe something incorrectly, and the student's information becomes incorrect or lost. The worst is when a class will be dropped for non-payment, when the bill was paid and it just wasn't entered into the computer on time.


The worst thing about my school definitely has to be the price of lunch. There have been various hikes in the cost of food items in our cafeteria, some of which have doubled in just a few semesters. While prices have increased, relative quality remains as it was prior to the increase in cost. Many cafeteria workers were recently subjected to atrociously minimal wage increases and a cut in benefits. This was confronted with several meetings and a campus-wide picketing/protest. Needless to say our school-wide efforts paid off.


It is overcrowded. Class size is not too bad, 30-40 for most classes. But the hallways and elevators and escalators are all always stuffed to capacity. They need more space, or fewer students. Also, they need more fulltime professors. I had many excellent Adjunct Proffessors, but it itsn't fair to them to be denied a full time job.


Although Hunter College has an estimated 14,000 Student body, there are only 4 buildings. As a result, finding the right courses are always a painful process.


Not a lot of political diversity.


people pretty much keep to themselves. Nobody goes out of their way to make friends.


no socail life


The balcony closes at a early time.


The worst thing about my college is that it doesn't give the students a chance to be social---while it offers many different clubs and organizations, the social atmosphere is barely existant because it has no campus where students can hang out or dorms that allows students to get to know their peers.


Course availability would definitely have to be the worst aspect since a student's social life, and career is structured around their school structure.


The administration because it is very slow and unresponsive to student's needs


The worst thing was the bureaucracy.


Quality of classes


the buracracy


Adivising, and administration are the worst at Hunter. They do not tell you what you need to know, you have to find out everything yourself. It is easy to mess up, or go in the wrong direction due to lack of assistance. It is quite upsetting, and the best thing to do is to find out all the information you can from the beginning so there are no surprises or you aren't missing any last minute requirements.


The lack of guidance at Hunter College is horrible. There are no advisors assigned to students until their senior year, when they find out everything they should have studied in order to graduate. (If they had adviors this would not happen.)


The worst thing about my school is the online course registration system, which occasionally shuts down when a massive amount of students log on at the same time to sign up for classes.


Not a "community." But that's if you're looking for it. It depends on the person.


It may be very crowded at times, and not every can be friendly. There are some dowright rude and inconsiderate people, but then these exist in the real world.


The worse thing about my college is the fact that not all professors take advantage of resources meant to bridge the gap in communication with their students and when confronted about this, they can't seem to understand how helpful these resources are to various students.


no community as it is a commuter school and people have to balance various jobs with school. People come to school to egt a degree not to learn.