CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Top Questions

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Have a plan and reasearch all your oppurtunities


John Jay College of Criminal Justice promotes social equality and provides an incredible amount of mentorship. They prepare college students to be scholars and effective prfessionals in the future. Other schools may not discuss various social injustices, and John Jay- the exception allows students, staff, and faculty members to aid in changing the societal dynamics of tomorrow.


John Jay has great professors that really care about their students and their success. I believe I am a strong student and I love to learn, but if it weren't for the professors at John Jay (their passion and dedication to teaching), I wouldn't have done as well as I did.


What is unique about my school is that they have a program called BA/MA. This program allows students who excel in their studies and have high GPA statues to be able to not only achieve earning a Bachelors degree but also taking Masters classes. You would earn both Bachelors and a Masters degree and only paying the Bachelor tution price. This to me is unique and convenient for students who really push hard and want to achieve their degrees.


It's students are very diverse. I love that I've met people who's origins range from Haiti, Montenegro, and the Dominican Republic.


Well it's a small school which makes it easier for students to learn than someone in a big college.