CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Everyone is antisocial. It makes it difficult to make friends. You really need to put yourself out there but with the limited clubs and the few people that actually go to them, it makes it difficult to make friends. During community hour, people are on their laptops, in their own worlds. Classes are okay, professors don't care. I wish everyone was a bit more welcoming.


Not enough evening classes and activities


The worst thing for me about this school was I did not get to experience all of this campus had to offer. Thus, due to several factors: one being, one major and four minor surgeries during the attendance of 2012-2014 school years. Another, includes an acknowledgement of uncontrolled diabetes diagnose towards the ending classes of the BA studies. Finally, the last factor is the effect that these two factors above had on my studies GPA and the means for my supportive income, my NY CDL. The worst is I graduated but I believe I should have graduated with honors.


Transportation is the worst becuase getting to the school is difficult. It is located in Manhatten,NY and it is overly crowded. Traveling around is difficult by trains or buses especially in the early mornings or late afternoons around rush hour when all the city workers crowd into the trains pushing and shoving. To get to the school I would have to take a train, transfer to another train then get off & walk a few blocks to the school. I feel as if transportation alone takes up more of my day then actually sitting down in the classroom learning.


Financially having to struggle to find for transportation, books, and having my own place whether its an apartment or a room to come home to study and relax away from the daily life


I consider the worst thing about my school is that because it is in the city not many students are interested in becoming involved in extra curricular activities. All of the friends I made during my first semester were either thinking about transferring to a university or state school because everyone's attitude is "get in & get out". As a young student I am expecting to experience the full potential of the school and not just its classes.


I would consider the social life the worst thing about my school. Since there are no dorms, it's difficult to make friends. The school tries to put together homecoming events and that sort of thing which helps, but considering the lack of dorm life, I have found ways to make friends.




As I haven't started classes yet, I am unable to ascertain what the worst thing about John Jay is. I hope the worst thing is only the commute. I am really looking forward to getting started back at university as it has been so long since I last attended.


Well a lot of things are bad about my college. The students are very unfriendly. You have to wait forever to get a tutor. The college is very small and very dirty. The food at the college is very bad too. The professors are also not very helpful and so are the counselors if you have one.


Space. Because when It comes time to change classes going down the stair ways takes alot of time because everone is going doenin droves.