CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school would be the students and the campus. Everyone is so friendly including the professors. The campus is huge and beautiful. Ironically its so beautiful an episode of Law and Order is currently being filmed on the campus.


What I am learning


The best thing about my school is the way the professors treat students. All of the professors I've interacted with have been very friendly and helpful. It is easy to tell that they want you to succeed, not only in their class, but in life. As cliche as it all sounds, they really try to get their students to think in new ways and apply what they learn to life outside of class.


The best thing about John Jay College is the structure of the classes. This university caters to Police and Firefighters whos schedules fluctuates week to week. The majority of the classes at John Jay were structured so that you can take the same class with the same professor in the morning or evening. This suited my work schedules as there were many days that I had to work a late shift and in essence was able to take the morning class. The professors that instructed these classes were also very accomodating and helpful.


The best thing about my school was the professors. The professors were very kind and willingly to help. The school was a comfortable environment to study. There were many tutors available for those that need help.


The best thing about John Jay is what it has to offer. It's not just a school in which is going to prepare you for a career in the Criminal Justice field, it's a school that really broadens your horizons. Here in John Jay we have so many things that can help students achieve their true potential, from broadcasting your own radio shows to performing songs in carnegie hall and to hosting many important public figures to speak at the school as to why their careers really open doors, Such as New York City Police Comissioner , Ray Kelly.


The best thing about my school is that they offer the major I want and the tution is less expensive than attending a private university with the same major.


The school is very diverse and the students are always willing to help others who are in need of help whether it is a general or academic question.


many of the subjects revolve around criminal justice. the facualty is very diverse and so is the student body. it is also affordable to go to if you do not recieve financial aid.


What I consider the best thing about John Jay College (CUNY) is that the classes are small, and some professors are friendly and take the time to listen to students.