CUNY Kingsborough Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at the school are very well mannered with respectable behavior for the population be diverse we all get along very well with each other in the class room and on campus




A large population of the students treat the school as a fashion show/ high school. Which leads them not to apply themselves to their academics.


My classmates are enthusiatic, helpful and audacious about learning.


Classmates are those people who are always ready to motivate me and let me know that even though we may not know each other like friends do but they are not less than friends, because they will inspire me to reach out to the best of my abilities and pursue my goals, classmates are those well-wishers that stay with me all semester long and help me figure out my strengths and weaknesses, and the time when things may get tough they will lend out a hand and show that they will stand close by till the struggle is over.


My classmates are are those people who are always ready to motivate one another and they know when to cheer you up to let you know that you can always accomplish everything you want, classmates are those friends for me who may not know me as deep as my other friends do but the will always push me to reach ahead and pursue my goals and inspire ne to go beyond my abilities and work hard towards the career I wish to achieve.


All my classmates enjoy the class as i am, cooking, baking and studying all the time.


My classmates are serious and independent people who are generous in helping others in getting through the class because they understand the difficulty when working alone and have nobody who can help you.


very intelligent and a bright specturm of people. very open minded group of inviduals that are willing to hear about new things.