CUNY Kingsborough Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?




The worst thing about my school is the personality andd seriousness of some of the students who attend. Most are immature and distracted from their academics, rather than focused and serious. There are more socialization than actual work being done. It is easy to lose focus because of the learning environment, but graduating is reachable.


The worst thing about my school is the long commute by bus. It usually takes forty fives minutes to get there and no matter how early you left your house, you would always make it to class right before it starts.


The worst thing about Kingsborough would have to be that students are only allowed to park on campus after 3pm. This just doesnt seem fair. Students pay $55 per semester for a pass to park 5 blocks from the campus entrance.


The worst thing in my school is that we don't get enough advisement that would help us trigger our sense where we would discovery which major would fit us the best and the different kind of occupations that are out there where we have the ability to become.


The worst thing about Kingsborough Community college is that the majority of the students dont take it seriosully. There are many students who want to better themselves and go onto big 4 year schools but the majortiy of them have a very nonchalant attitude