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CUNY LaGuardia Community College

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What is your overall opinion of this school?

Great Diversity. The relationship between faculty and students are very close. But the campus is located in long island city. Sometimes, I find it over-crowded. I'm involving honor student advisory community where you can find encouragements from peers and great network. The honors classes are taught by dedicated faculty that you could be well-equipped for your future plans like transfers to prestigious schools, ivies. the best part of the school is the low tuition. You can always transfer to 4 year college while saving up a lot of money during the first two years of school.

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I love LaGuardia, i don't care what anyone says. The people i have encountered in this school have been so helpful its just incredible. my advisor Hicannia from ASAP is amazing. All of my professors so far have been so dedicated to there work and truly care for the students. LaGuardia is an amazing place to start, i wouldn't change my decision on coming here for anything.

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