CUNY Lehman College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


The campus is well maintained, and the people are friendly. There are multiple buildings for classes, with each building having a certain kind of subject theme and there is a nice comfy, quiet library to go to when the time is needed. There are always events happening here and there is always free food around.


Lehman College is a place where there is so much diversity that you don't have to hesitate to be yourself.


Lehman is for students who enjoy the city and urban life with quality professors and a great resource for programs and employment.


Appearances can be decieving, the large student population and enormous campus will teach you more than a private institution for a greater value with practical life lessons; it may be frustrating at times but overall I am satissfied with my journey at Lehman College.




It acquires a variety of majors that students are able to explore. The campus is beautiful with new renovations, a theater, baseball field and tennis courts among others. It is located in the Bronx which allows students to explore the area.


The student diversity has allowed me to learn an incredible amount about various cultures which has been a fabulous addition to a social science degree.


As you step onto the campus at Lehman you leave behind the busy dirty city and enter a park full of history that encourages you to expand your mind and fufill your dreams.


Four year community college.


Lehman College is a diverse university with a comfortable surrounding.


Inspirational instituition that inspires inner city youth to better themselves.


Lehman College is very resourceful.