CUNY Lehman College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about CUNY Lehman College?


I brag about the friendliness of the older students.


I received an equally high quality education if not higher without burning a huge hole in my pocket.




the cost of school is very reasonable. The professor that teach at lehman also teach in schools with great reputaton, ex NYU. same quality education for less money.


Its close to my job.


Lehman college is a beautiful old school. The architecture of the buildings look like gothic caslte towers and has a great sence of history but also has many modern buildings such as the APEX gym. Everyone around you always very friendly, students and faculty alike. Students love to sit outside in by a tree or on the grass, working and chatting together. On your way to class you can always hear the orchestra practicing. The campus makes you feel safe, comfortable and proud to belong there.


That i live real close to my school. That is my school has a mixture of different type of people. There are many sports in the campus. The gym is great the computer lab is great. The people are great themselves and the campust is beautiful is just a great place to be in and you learn alot because the professors really know what they are going over.


The people are very friendly and the classes aren't so demanding. Also, the campus looks very nice during the spring