CUNY Lehman College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about CUNY Lehman College? Why?


The worst thing here is that the tuition includes fees for maintaining the student life building, but all the club rooms are no bigger than small closets, so every club has to try to fit over 20 people sometimes in that tiny space.


The school could be a little more technologically advanced. A lot of things that other schools allow you to complete online have to be done in person with Lehman. Also, it is hard to get in touch with faculty/staff sometimes.


As a non-traditional student there is little cohesiveness within the college for those in this category. Much is aimed at the "traditional" students which, frankly, is sad because there is quite a non-traditional population within the college. There are some wonderful services; however, they are limited to general business hours which, again, leaves out many non-traditional students.


The lack of information availible to students. One litterally has to go searching around to find information. Its not readily availible.