CUNY Medgar Evers College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school would be the environment of the school. I say this because my school has not only very immature students, but the teachers tend to have very poor attitudes and tend to be very vague. My school is also located near a tattoo parlor, which really discomforts me. On top of that, my school is not always kept clean and I tend to enter classrooms and bathrooms where people carelessly leave a mess behind.


the worst thing about my school now is that you never know whats going on if you dont ask around. there are no announcements and due to the fact that i am a freshman i feel lost most of the time. they seem to be more concerned about what clubs students need to join rather than making more programs for the studenst and give the location of where they are located in the school.


The worst thing about my school is diversity. CUNY Medgar Evers is a local four year college, and because of this, the majority of students approximately 95% are African-American. Starting college is a big thing, and diversity, is a must. It will hlp you gain more knowledge about others, and brighten your horizans.


I think the student is the one who has to make the most of his or her school, So i dont think there really is a "worst" in my case.


We have too much students enrolling in the college. I would love to win this scholarship. Also, there is increase in tuition.