CUNY Medgar Evers College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice i would give myself is that it is never too early to start working hard to achieve my goals. I should start working hard at my education as early as possible to set a momentum for myself. I would also tell myself not to worry about the competition and what my peers around me are doing because it is easy to get distracted but it is very important to keep my eyes on the prize. In conclusion, i would tell myself to follow what i love and not what my parents would love me to be. Parents offer great advice and only want whats good for us however, how can i be expected to keep working hard for something that i do not love myself. I would only work as hard as i can to achieve something if i really loved it with all my heart.


Looking back I wish I did a few things differently. If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior to change some of the decisions that I made. I would advice myself to hold back on the family until after I earn my degree. It was very difficult for me to be a mom (a single mom, eventually), look after children, and attend college. Know exactly what it is I want to study before attending college would be the next advice. I entered college without being completely sure of what I wants to study. I needed to do more research of the different majors, the time it takes to complete my degree, and what is the job market like. Stay away from student loans would be my final advice. I had to take some student loans to help me with my degree. I wasted precious time and money trying to complete a degree, transfer to a private college from a city college, and changing my major from nursing to Psychology. So these would be the advice I would tell myself, if I could go back in time.


As I currently attend Medgar Evers as a Liberal Arts major, I think about the countless things I could've done to have gotten into a school that is better suited for my major. Sure, Medgar may be only ten stops on the 3 train, but it is a bit of a struggle to get out of bed knowing I could have gone to a school other than this one. Instead of graduating from East New York Family Academy with a higher average and an Advanced Regents diploma, I settled for less and ended up in a school I don’t like. If given the chance to talk to myself as a senior in high school, hypothetically speaking, I would make sure to warn the high school senior I once was about how the real world can be if you don’t take care of yourself. I would tell my former self that successful college students need to be financially stable, professional, committed, passionate about whatever you choose to major in, and you need to have good work ethic. The luxury of a free education and the warm environment you came from in high school abruptly changes while attending college.


If I would go back in time I would know exactally what to tell myeslef. I realized I put off applying for college and scholarships and it ruined everything. I would tell myself to apply for schools now in order to go to the school of your dreams. It will be worth it becasue you will get to experience something new. Also I would tell myself to get a head start of college scholarships becuase they can make a big difference with helping to pay for tutition. I would tell myself to enjoy your senior year with your friends because you may not see them anymore. While you are having fun focus on your grades, you want your GPA to be the best it can be. If you can make these things happen, you will have a great college experience. Good Luck!


Well the transition was no problem. I graduated from an early college high school where our junior and senior years were spent on a college campus. On campus we enjoyed the same courses and facilities as any full-time college student. It was a great experience. The amount of freedom and responsibility that is given to you is something you cannot teach and I am glad that I got a firm understanding of that prior to being a full time college student. So essentially, I was used to the pace of college. But if I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to take more college courses and take over the SATs. Reason being I was pressured about my credits not transferring so I did not bother taking anymore. I was one course away from a full term of study as a college student. Ironically all my credits transferred. I would also tell myself to take the SAT’s over again because I realize it is your second shot. If your grades are poor, this will subsequently make you more of a candidate at a greater institution.


I would tell myself to apply to as much colleges as possible. I would advise to study hard on the SATs because college primarily look at those scores first.


Education is a right and a great privilege. To obtain a high level of education is to obtain freedom. Less than 100 yrs ago African American people were not granted the right to have a proper form of education. Keeping them literally mentally enslaved. For me, having access to better myself, and invest in my future is a great honour. I am doing something my forefathers could't do. Education is the great divider of wealth vs. poverty, freedom vs. bondage. Nothing feels better than knowing you have accomplished a goal that you have set forth for yourself. Being certified in a field of study is like winning loto. You have beaten the odds and you can’t help but feel immensely proud of yourself. Getting to that point where you never thought you would reach makes you want to celebrate and keep pushing forward. You would be surprised at the quality of conversation you have with people, and the manner in which you carry yourself. The respect you hold for others you have “made it”, and how you find yourself encouraging others who are also at a crossroads to not give up and stay focused on their dream.


if i could go back to high school as a senior i would tell myself to be more focued and think like a college student even though you are not one as yet. i would tell myself to get acustomed to reading long chapters in books and be prepared to write a lot more than i am now in high school., there is not a lot of time to play around becuase as you get more towards your major in college, things are going to get a lot harder than they seem as a freshman. making the transition from high school to college is some what emitional becuase you are introduced to new surroundings, but if you make a lot of friends in your classes and try to get together when you are to study things will be easier on you and your grades will show it. the advice i will give myself is to get to know your professors be their best friend , sit in the front of the class and be attendtive and focus on what really matter. your career is the thing that is driving you to move beyond college, nothing else.


There is a saying that; “You are never too late and never too old to improve yourself regardless where you are in life”. Approaching age forty, I thought my chances of starting over my academic life were slim; my views to what I expected of college were very narrow; however, after walking through the doors of Medgar Evers College, I became exposed to more knowledge and understanding than I could ever have anticipated. I have comprehended the art of thinking, speaking and writing critically, how to converse intelligently with a much more diverse group of people, and have covered courses which has given me great indebt information that can be beneficial towards my future goals. Therefore, I have no regrets in attending college at my current age, and I am very proud that I have what it takes to succeed at life, and for this, I am very grateful to Medgar Evers College for impacting my first semester so profusely.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is the way to connect with others and grow as an individual. I have learned that everyone in college is advancing their knowledge based on the layout of the university requirements. This allows tons of people to meet and greet someone that they never thought or considered ever meeting before. This allows us to start networking for the first day we walk through the door onto the campus of university. We usually are scheduled to meet with an admission advisor who gives us our first assignment of completing this many classes in this time period or semester. We learn as we start our classes that college is what you make of it and you and only you hold the keys to your success. College is valuable to attend because we later on in life learn that everything we have experience from college is like getting your first job. We network from the time you enter the building and are greeted by receptionist, you have your initial interview, and then are given your job duties in which you are in charge of your success.


I have gotten a lot out of my college experience because I was able to gain a wonderful foundation for my education. I was also able to meet a lot of people who have become my friends for life. I have learned so many things and will continue to as well. I have made so many great relationships with professors and have been helped academically but also in a manner where I have learned a lot from them character-wise. College has been very valuable for me to attend because of these great reasons and I would never trade them for anything.


I have learned how to manage my time and to be my own person. Being able to manage my time was not easy at first to do. In the end, I got the hang of it. As an individual, being yourself also is valuable to know who you are. As long as you can respect yourself, no one will ever stop you to do what you desire. Also as a college student, it was valuable to attend college to learn these thiings to use in the working world of business. I can say now, these experiences makes a valuable person.


Through my experience in college, I have learned that time management is a key to a student's success. There will be times when I would rather go to a party as opposed to either working or studying, but it is a choice that one has to make for themselves. College is not entirely about the parties and the social aspect. Instead it revolves around the knowledge that one gets from being in an intellectual environment that you pay to be a part of. College may not be for everyone, but it is a choice that one must make to determine the kind of career you wish to be a part of in the future. I know that while I am attending college, I am bettering my future because I will have a degree behind me to prove that I am adequate to become someone whom others will look up to.


Right now, Im just begining as a freshman. I am taking valuable courses such as i t is valuable because college is a stress for some of us, and that class is designed to mold our first college years.


At Northwest Vista I have recieved the attention from my professors that I had in High School. I am in classes rarely bigger than that of an average high school class and have the one on one attention from proffesors who are willing to help. Unlike other Colleges and Universities I have been able to establish a personal relationship with my professors in terms of my education.


So far out of my college experience, i have certainly learn many skills that will help me achieve a great success. For example, i learn in order to be successful you have to be involve and participate in activities that are related to your career goal. Nothing will come to your way if you choose not to seek for it.


you must work really hard academically and financially to make it through college


I have gotten that you really have to work hard to exceed the expectations at medgar evers, and its alwasy good to be nice to your professores even if they arent. My exprience wasnt a bad one but it also wasnt so good either. I wish that i could go back and transfer as soon as possible when my gpa was good. I have heard it before from other students at medar and now i am seeing it for myself that you stay longer then expected and their really isnt anyone to help you with registration. In some odd way my experience has been valuable because when i do get out of medgar and transfer, I will know what to do and what not to do when it comes to school. I just need an opportunity to show not only my parents and friends but make me belive that i can do something worth something.


The college experience that I had gained during my time at Pittsburgh Technical Institute has been extremely valuable during my everyday life. Managing money, learning new pieces of technology, and beng able to work with new people with different opinions and views were just a few of the experiences that I had gone through each year. While I had already gone into each class willing to work with others I realized that not only am I learning from the teachers but from my classmates as well. In and out of the classroom my fellow students were helping me pick up new computer languages to program in and also how to utilize those languages alongside with any new pieces of information I had learned in class. In the workplace I am more confident now to talk to customers, employees, and my bosses about any ideas of how to improve workflow for the company. The constant exposure to new pieces of technology and the freedom to use the computer lab always had me driving to take time out of my day to continue learning things that were optional. All of these experiences have improved my life and it always will.


I am a high schooler taking advantage of Washingtons State's Running Start Program. I will be earning an A.A. Degree this June. I have learned alongside students of all ages and backgrounds. I decided to participate in this program because I do best surrounded by people who care about learning and who want to achieve their goals. However, I was surprised by the diversity of peoples' opinions on what hard work meant. As I had expected, most high school students were there only to get out of high school. However, I hadn't anticipated the lack of enthusiasm from the older students. I understand that the end goal is to have a degree for an advantage over the other prospective competition in the work force. However, I believe in fully enjoying and taking advantage of every situation. Despite my initial disappointment, I was able to realize that I am not required to share their views. This experience has taught me self-reliance and strenghtened my independence. I am now more open-minded to others' situations, virtually nothing is black and white. There are reasons why people act a certain way which has taught me to be less judgemental.


I have gained a body of knowlege for my field of interest along with exposure to critical issues that may set back many individuals. However, attending college is a personal achievement and i hope by successfully completing what i have started would be an example for my teenage daughter. I believe in living by example.


If I had the chance to go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would truly take that oppurtunity. I would give myself this advice: Mariam you should take the time out and speak to your parents regarding how much you need them to allow you to focus on your school work more than on your siblings. Trying to get a good college, will not happen if you can't focus on school to achieve excellent grades. You should try to use time management to get things done. Good enough is only half way there. Maybe if you make sure you get the time to study, you wouldn't have to worry about getting into a good college, or getting into a college which you wouldn't like. When it comes to workin hard and earnin good grades not only knowledge will get you there, but having a time to study, prioritize, and focus will lead you there.


First and foremost, i would pinch my self awake. I'm guilty of being one of those seniors who thought, "i made it this far so why not cut myself some slack?" all the while driving my self up the wall. I would warn myself that college is no joke, Its not a place for slackers. There would be no teachers hounding you for homework and no one reminding you of deadlines but yourself. I would tell myself that the minute I step on campus I have to be an entirely different person. Theres so much I would say if I had the chance, but most of all i'd tell my self that its not as scary as it seems, Its a pretty beautiful experience. I'd let my self know that theres no need to stress and pull my hair out, like I did many a nights, becuase I'll have support and people who are willing to help through this transition phase. I'd say " Maria relax, college isnt that bad. After all, its a world you control" and that has to be one of the best feelings in the world.


If I could back in time and talk myself as a high school senior, i would advice myself to do my best to get my GPA up. I would advise myself to get better at managing my time and pick up some different study skills and habit. I would definitely advise myself to make sure i applied to a school that would have support avenues in place to help me on my road to my goals. I would tell myself that high school is going to the years that i will talk about for the rest of my life so i need to take advantage of every opportunity that comes before me so take that college writing class seriously. I would also tell myself that Rosalind is bad news. Don't take her seriously. I would make sure that to let myself know that my pastitimes will become important later so make sure i take them seriously now. More importantly I would advise myself that making connections with people are important so i need to make sure i develope good bonds with my teachers and fellow students.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to apply myself more to my school work, because I was always told that I have the potential to do better than I already have. I know that I am an intelligent person, but because I would feel that the work seemed too pressuring and difficult, I couldn't apply myself the way I actually wanted to. to my belief, if I had just worked more dilligently as a student, I at the most would have at least been at top 10 percentile. Being valedictorian, saludictorian, or even in the honor roll multiple times is great, but I would just tell myself to work harder so that I can at least feel like one of the best students in my senior class.


The advice i would give myself is to work hard and stay motivated. Set your goals and see them through. The pressures of college can break those who allow it to do so. Take college not just as an learning experience, but take college as the time to make sure you become who you planned on becoming your whole life. College should prepare you for your future through hard work and motivation. College is simply the beginning of a new. What the new turns out to be, depends on the student and how much they put into thier work.


Well since I have become a college student now, I would encourage students to review what they really want to do for their career first and then review each school asking all the questions you could possibly can because you don't want any surprise. Make sure to apply for financial aid and how much you will be getting. Don't procrasinate on school you may feel free to do vocational school because they are faster and more career focus. I learned that and if I knew then I would have the option of making that choice.


There is nothing like hard work. Success is mine, never give up.