CUNY New York City College of Technology Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The cafeteria is full of gamers all day from beginning to end but in class most people are serious.


A mix of racial minorities in one classroom, with different ethnic backgrounds and experiences, all willing to learn and pay attention, work hard, stay focus, but all with one goal: which is to achieve a degree in college and acheive their goals.


I get along with everyone, I don't think you should judge someone off their background. I think a student that's not wearing the "latest outfits" would feel out of place. Most of the students I see on campus wear party attire, at times I wonder if their actually coming to school.


Most students wear jeans or sweats. The student population is diverse but students interact very well with each other. Most students are from the Brooklyn area and i would say the financial background is that of middle class.


My classmates are sometimes hilarious, but then again focused.


At NYCCT my classmates range from students who just graduated high school to Adults with children and full time jobs. Having the older students around gives younger students like myself motivation. One way it motivates me is because they are more serious about their work and studying so it gives me some one to study with if I dont understand. Another way it motivates me is because I know I don't want to be in college for my bachelors after the age of 22, I would like to be going for my masters by then.


My classmates are very friendly, and very diversed