CUNY New York City College of Technology Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


They can improve.


One of the things I am very happy about is the fact that most of the professors I have had knew my name. I really appreaciated my stastics class; for me the most challenging because my professor made us work very hard. She had a system allowing any students to obtain a good grade but only if you worked hard for. Personnally I have a very regular study plan. I do not know how others study, but I noticed that class participation is common. While some students have intellectual conversations about politics, careers, or researches, others may talk about other topics. Students are very competitive particularly when they are already in their programs (nursing, vision care, radio technicians,...) The departement of liberal art is very organized and professors are very open and allow students to speak with them during their office hours. They really listen to students and always try to answer your concerns. The academic requirements are manageable and for sure you can have a good job if you graduate from this school.


You have excellent students and then you have non-excellent students. The professors that I had so far do make it their point of duty to know their students' names. The classes that I had those batch of students had wonderful personalities so no one felt uncomfortable to participate in class activities.


academic performance at NYCCT is very high. most professors knows the name of the students in class either the student first or last name, which ever is easier to remember. most student i knew always study together especially in my major department. my favorite class was building service system (construction mgmt tech dept course) and my least favorite was college physic1. class participation and group study was always encouraged in all the classes i took. i was majoring in construction mgmt tech. under civil engineering and construction mgmt department. my major was a unique one which was not available in most cuny school. it was challenging as well. a lot of work, both in the class and field.


Most professors take interest in you when you participate in class or show interest in class. My favorite class was anatomy and physiology. Class participation is a norm. Most classes are very competitive speaking from my experiences. My major is Radiologic Technology and it is the second most competitive major to get into after nursing . The education is prepares you very well for the workplace.