CUNY New York City College of Technology Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Poor management, but effective classes. In school tutors are a mess. If you are looking for activities to do in school then look somewhere else.


Its cool.. Just a little getting used to


My school's size is just right, when I tell people that I attend the college they don't really have a negative response. Just a few might say that they don't think everyone goes their for educational purposes. Well I spend most of my time in the tutoring room. Overall like any other school it as it's good and bad.


I like the school. Many of the students do not take full advantage of everything the school offers but there is a lot of support available for us. We have computer access available in multiple labs, a great library, counselors and wonderful administrative staff.


New York city college of Technology has excellent faculty! In my tenure at City tech I have encountered a great deal of professors which have pushed me to excel. The school emphasizes the importance of punctuality and ethics; which undeniably will serve as an excellent tool in any student's future endeavors. Many of the professors are strict and demand full attention at all times. Needless to say most of the faculty has a passion for what they do and will not hesitate to push one to a point of exhaustion. As a result of the small amount of seats in the healthcare programs, I find City tech to be a challenging environment in which you can either make it or break it. There is no gray area here it is either you succeed or you fail, there is no time to be wasted with mediocracy. In this school those who are willing to learn will succeed and find themselves in incredible programs.


well, as an alumni of NYCCT, i would say i have the best college experience in the school. the school has diversity of people from all round the world. one of the things i like most about the school is that there are dedicated faculties who strive day and night for the students to succeed. the school size is on the average, not the biggest nor the smallest. but its definitely a school that have raised professional, men and women of integrity.


I think City Tech is a very good college. It is just the right size, not too big and not too small. I get many positive reactions when i tell people where i go to school. Many people i run into have been a student of city tech or know someone who has. The college has been around for quite some time so its is tried and true.


The best thing I would have to say about my school are the people. My school is very diverse; both in background and age. If I could change one thing it would be the student professor ratio, i wish it was smaller. When i tell people what school i go to some people strike up conversation asking me about my expierences, while some have never even heard of my school; but overall the reactions are positive. I spend most of my time on campus in the student lounges usually reading, listening to music, talking to friends, catching up some zzz's, or just relaxing in between classes. NYC a college town??... NEVER. I wouldnt consider new york city a college town. It lives up to its name as the city that never sleeps, because there is always something to do outside of school. The administration at my school are very helpful, they never hesitate to answer questions regarding the school or to give you directions. The biggest controversy on campus is that the cafeteria recently shut down for unknown reasons, leaving everyone VERY hungry, and grumpy because we arent getting our caffeine fix to pull all nighters. School pride... I do wish there were more. I wouldnt say it was non-exsistant, but its very small. There is anything specifially unusual about the school that i've noticed. The one experience that i will never forget from being in this school is giving my first business group presentation last semester, it may sound small, but it took 3 months to prepare and was over 50 pages. I worked in a group for those months, and my group mates and I still are very close to this day. I dont know many student complaints, but i know recent ones relate to the cateria closing as i've previously stated.