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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Learn some technological work on computer so that i didn't had to struggle in my CST classes


I have made a lot of mistakes in the past, unwilling to study for my school work, and unwilling to pay attention in class. Assuming that I am able to go back in time, and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself one piece of advice: hard work never pays off. I should be cherishing the opportunities I was given, the chances I was given, the education I was given, and use it for my future. I never thought that high school mattered that much- but know looking back into my past, I realized that high school matters a lot- everything matters in school. Education matters, grades matter. Never give up, and time is everything.


Don't worry about your grades or what you think you should do. Just do want you want and see if it works out. You can always fix a mistake and it's not sprint it's a marathon. Start early on finding a job so you will have the requirements prior to leaving school.


If I were given the chance to talk about to my highschool self, I would tell him that he better cut the act of all the slacking that he's probably up to. College is a lot more serious that anyone thinks. You aren't giving the leisure of being pushed by teachers to do your work. At this point, you're given the opportunity be hold yourself responsible of working hard in college. Don't take on more than what you can really handle. It helps avoid being stressed out from piles of work. Remember to have some time for yourself. College doesn't have to be about work, work, and more work. Play games, Party (NOT EXCESSIVELY), join club activities or frats, do whatever makes you take your mind off heavy workloads. College is a growing and learning experience and will/may be the best 4-5 years of your life. Doing all of your work and studying in a timely manner is the best cheat code there is to beat college. As long as you put your mind to it, you'll be the best student that you can be. You got this! I believe in you!


Hello Dennis, It’s me, You! I am in college, yes I have made it in. I am given the opportunity to change my future and it starts with you. I am in college and I am struggling to cope with the work and pressures of this responsibility bestowed on me. At present I feel like giving up; I am failing the same classes over and over, and I miss class when I feel like. I can change this but you are the one to do this. I want you to enjoy every moment you have right now. I don’t want you to over work yourself and get stressed, because I know you are a smart dude. I want you to do ten percent more work now than what you are doing, I promise you will have no regrets. You will look back and say I did ten percent more and I am happy with what I have done. You will be successful and you will not be stressed when you start college, because you will always be doing ten percent more than me. That’s all you need to do to be successful in everything you do. Dennis.


The advice i would give to take college seriously when you get to college it is a whole different ballgame. It is no joke in high school they spoonfeed you, but in college you are on your own. I would encourage myself to study becuase high school you can get away with out studying, but in college if you do not study you will fail. I will also tell myself to be in school everyday becuase attendance in college is no joke, if you miss more than three times you will fail and two lateness is an absence, so i would always make sure that i am in class and school on time.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would give myself a few very helpful pieces of advice. I would tell myself that I should apply for as many scholarships that are available only through my high school. These will help me ease my worries about how I am going to pay for college. Also, I would hammer into my head that even though it is nice to graduate early and take a break from school, I should graduate early from high school and start my college education as soon as possible instead of waiting. With the ability to give myself these pieces of advice, I feel I could be more successful in life.


College is once in a lifetimeoppurtunity work more hard and succeed.


I work as a peer mentor at the New Community College at CUNY, and during the interview, they asked all the applicants this very question. I will answer the same way I answered then. I would really have to give the high school me a good talking to, because there was so much that my high school did not prepare me for in college. The most important was time management; during high school I thought I was very good at time management because I was on the high honor roll, I was a student athlete, I was a part of several organizations both at school and at church. But life in high school is structured so that you inevitably get all these things done. I would warn my high school self that time management is more than just showing up to classes on time but it is about figuring out and structuring your life so that you not only have time to get all your daily tasks accomplished, but you also have time for personal betterment, building your career and working on creating the life you want. Try fitting all that into one day without excellent time management skills.


If I could give myself as a high school senior advice, I would tell myself that handing in homework late, being tardy for class, and walking around with my head in the clouds is only going to hurt me in the long run. I would also tell myself to not be ashamed to ask for help when I need it. A crucial point that I would mention is to embrace my gift in art, and to work so hard that people would feel foolish to not recognized my talent. Last, the most important thing I would tell myself is that, Mommy was right when she said "fun will always be there, just focus on your school work for now".


I have gotten a better understanding of what my goals are in life, and what I want to accomplish in the future. I have narrowed down my interests to accounting and now know what I want to do with my life. Attending was one of the best things I have done, as it has allowed me to expand my horizons and strive to do better. I don't want to stay at a dead end job, I want one that allows personal growth and continuous success. And going to college has really given me the opportunity to do so. Going to a 2 year school has given me valuable experience that I will be able to use to continue in the process of getting my Bachelor's from a 4 year school. And I am very excited to move on to a new chapter in my life, in my pursuit of becoming a successful accountant, while remembering something very important early on. Don't get yourself into a vast debt that you can't get yourself out of.


In my family neither of my parents recieved a college degree. I have an older sister that started college but dropped out due to family issues. By the time it was my turn to go to college my mother tried her best and sent me to the college I wanted to go to, dispite how hard it was financially. This meant a lot to me so it was important I attend. In college I worked, played soccer, did my school work, and still had a social life. This I felt was just preparing me for the future. Having to give your all to so much maybe overwhelming to some but I just embraced the challenge. Going into college I was unsure of what major I wanted to declare, so I tried different majors. I learned what it takes to be a social worker, a dental hygienest and also a little bit about criminal justice. College is the best thing ANYBODY can do even if they arent sure what they want to do in the future. Having a degree when applying for a career will give you that much more of a chance. I wuldnt change this experience for anything.


My college experience so far has been full of excitement and joy. My first semester was very enlightening and enjoyable. I joined the track team and I gained a few friends as well. Academic wise, I learned a lot about my career as well as hands on experience with circuitry and instruments used in my field of study. The teachers that I encountered were very nice and offered a great deal of help to make sure I passed all my tests.


It's valuable that i can get my business management degree, and it is easy to commute to.


My college experience has taught me that perseverance, dedication, and time management are the three key elements to achieve the things I want in life. All through my school carrier I struggled with dyslexia. Other classmates understood things I didn?t and this was discouraging. I was always struggling and wanting to give up. The words ?I can?t? always ringing in my ears. When I reached Santa Barbara City College, I made a decision to earn good grades regardless of what it would take. I stayed after school for hours in the math lab, made appointments to get my papers edited, visited teachers during their office hours, had perfect attendance, asked questions, and leaned to time manage. What makes my experience most valuable is that this work ethic has transferred into the character of the person I have become. Now I am a dependable and hardworking person in every aspect of my life, and I don?t have to make the conscious effort to uphold this, it?s just a part of me. Now the words ?I can? radiate from me.


There are many of us who did not have a particularly enjoyable high school experience. College is exponentially more fulfilling and allows one to gain great personal insight. The most frightening question I've ever heard was, 'What do you want to do with your life?' I wasn't sure. In some ways I'm still discovering the answer. That's what college is all about - finding out what you can really sink your teeth into and what makes you happiest. During my college experience, I've learned more about myself than about history or mathematics. You come to learn about the world beyond, and leave with knowledge of the world within.


To be able to learn new things by meeting people from all walks of life. And to expand my knowledge so in the future I may be an intallect


This is only my second semester in college but I have to say I've gotten a greater appreciation for life. I go to school with many parents who want a better education to better the live of their children, and other adults who have been laid off, and in search of additional degrees. It makes me feel good that I have chosen to go to college now so I wont be doing it later. I appreciate that because sometimes I feel like my life is so hard, but I dont have hildren depending on me, or mortgages to pay. Everyday I go to school I am happy with the path I have chosen.


it has been half a school year, and after the first semester my college experience gave me confidence in myslef of what i can do. i was extrememly shy when i was younger and now that participation is key to passing class, i started to talk more and more. in college it is nothing like high school because you rely on yourself more. i have more responsibilites and is aware of waht comes first. its valuable to attend because i've learned alot and teachers actually care about the students and want them to suceed.


I would always know that in life it is a test; where there would be obscatles, and bumps. I need to be able to overcome these obscatles and bumps, and feel good about myself on what have done. Knowing that College Life will help build up your futre in this world; and trying to makeing the best out of it. But trying to realize that I'm a traveler in this world. A traveler seeking for something better.


I am currently twenty-six years old. I graduated from high school in 2001, approximately nine years ago. In these nine years, I have acquired so much knowledge. I wish I could go back in time, and tell myself that it is necessary to take school more seriously, such as I do now. Also, I would say that it is important to pay close attention in class, because I will need the information in certain situations to come. What's more, I would say that I should not take my life, my family, or my education for granted, as these are things that not everyone has. Finally, I would let myself know that even though I will work very hard for what I will achieve, I should always remember to take the time and appreciate the little things that make life worthwhile. Thank you for this opportunity, and taking your time to read my thoughts.~ -Lyndsay


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to be sure of what I want as my major. I started off with the major of Computer Engineering and realized that I can't see myself programming computers all my life. As much as I love computers, I love Law better.


IF I had went in time in my senior year in high school of course I will them myself in the past, about college life and etc. But make the right choices for my life in the future I won't make the same mistake again. If I went back to the past I would work more harder in classes, study hard , do my homework, workout everyday to get stronger to get a football scholarship; get recurited to Penn State College from a football scout or lead my Franklin K LANE football team to the championship game and win the game as the captain of the team for my last year in high school, or putting the time to impress a girl I liked by studying more about her and the things that she is interested and not to lose the will popwer and my self-esteem. Putting the time to bulid my good character and become better person for myself, Allah, and the family. I would trade everything I have just to go back in time senior year in high school to make things more for myself .


It is good to be prepared and to expect the unexpected. The thing that is needed to survive this experience is independency because your basically on your own on this process. Others may support you and provide the information, but it is your responsibility to monitor and decode that information so that you can be well prepared for the future that lies ahead.


I would tell myself that in college you are expected to put more work in than in high school. The professors and the students meet halfway in college to get the work done and you are expected to put in the time necessary to get what you ned to get done. College is supposed to prepare you for real life, and in real life, if you don't do something, then you are going to have consequences. There are no second chances when you're at a job and college does a good job preparing you to take on any situation with poise.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior the first thing i would say is, "Get ready because its not gonna be easy". In high school I always thought college would be fun and the classes would be really easy but i was very wrong. Going into college, you have to suddenly become more mature than you were in high school. People are not going to be running after you begging you to do your work it's all up to you, whether you want to succeed or not. College is like a job, As long as you put all your effort into it you will see how much it will profit you in the end. The best way to transition into college and succeed is to set a goal for yourself, know your objective and be persistent, never give up no matter the circumstances. You will then see how college is a very important factor in succeeding in life.




Dont give up there is always hope you can do it if you try and believe...