CUNY Queens College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?




Queens College is the ideal school for someone who is looking to for a beautiful campus with a diverse student body from all over the world. The classes are a good size and there is help provided for everyone that might be struggling on a particular subject. The environment itself is relaxing.


Queens College offers a great education for a great price. It's location in NYC attracts great professors and internships for students. The student body is very diverse. Ethnic and religious clubs are active on campus and the surrounding area has a plethora of Asian and Kosher eateries.


Queens College has a lot to offer, the problem is that most students do not go out of their way to see the great things it has to offer. There are about 100 student-led clubs and organizations out there, a bunch that are outstanding, yet students do not want to take the time to go to a meeting or event. I am the president of a club and I love it, I spend most of my time in the Student Union building because that's where most club activities take place on campus. There is also plenty of academic advising that I feel that students do not utilize. The administration are also great people if you take the time to get to know them as I have. Because of people not taking advantage of Queens College, I feel that there isn't enough school pride. It seems that there's a split, either you are really involved or you only go to school to go to class. The size of the school is good and comfortable, you get to meet a lot of people but at the same time, you see the same people around all the town. One experience I will always remember is stepping up and becoming the president of Circle K at Queens College, it opened the door to the greatness that Queens College had to offer.


Queens College is a quality school. It provides a great education for an affordable price, many faculty and staff members love it when students show an interest and desire to succeed, and the campus is quite pretty. There are lots of students - I think around 17,000 - and the campus is great if you like a campus that is big enough to get lost in but small enough to figure out within your first month of attending. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other both width- and length-wise. It's surrounded by homes and stores of residential Kew Garden Hills / Flushing, but it's not too difficult to get to the city from there. There are a lot of jobs available on campus, which is great. There isn't usually too much campus-wide controversy that happens at Queens College because controversy is usually limited to within a particular department or group. The largest controversy recently was the CUNY tuition hike protest, and that wasn't so tremendously large. I was on the fencing team and one thing that's great about being an athlete is that they really take care of you. The athletic administration hears you out if there's a problem, and they want to make sure you maintain a certain GPA as well as academic performance and give you the tools to do that (study hall and extra tutoring and stuff). However, the majority of the student body (because of the commuting thing) doesn't necessarily care all that much about school pride or how the _____ team did last week. Overall, the education is more than worth the price, and there are opportunities for every kind of student.


Queens College has a small, but beautifully landscaped campus, with a view of the Empire State Building. The dorms are two years old and are equipped with a full kitchen, living room, and two bathrooms to share between 4 people. Many students complain about the lack of nightlife (mostly students living in the dorms) because the school is mainly a commuter school. QC has a wonderful Music Department and Education Department with very dedicated and brilliant staff members. Although tuition is currently very reasonable, there have been spikes almost every year. There are many clubs and sports teams at QC. The students who come to class and leave right after are typically the ones who do not enjoy their time at QC. Those who join clubs and are willing to meet new and diverse people are the students that truly enjoy being a QC student.


I find Queens College to be amazing. It is the ideal school for me. There are all sorts of ethnicities and activities for everyone to participate in. The college organizes many events to encourage students to get involved.The school is not too large. The classes are a good size and there is help provided for everyone that might be struggling on a subject or lesson. The environment itself is relaxing. It is a clean campus full, of green and vibrance. There is a lot of school pride and a lot of support from all the school's administration


it is a really awesome school with students from every spheres of life,and varieties of cultures.Academic excellence is our first priority


Overall, I have a good opinion about QC and my experience there. The best thing about the school is that it is like a community-like a family. Even in the classes where I don't know anyone, people are willing to help each other and take care of each other. It's not as disgustingly competitive as I expected college to be. QC is the perfect size because its not overwhelmingly huge, but at the same time has a nice amount of students- which is really just more opportunities to make friends. I spend most of my time on campus in either the cafeteria or the library- that's where everyone goes to socialize or study. Otherwise, when the weather is nice, I spend my time on the quad because its just nice to be outside and get some fresh air in the center of campus.


Overall, I have a good opinion about QC and my experience there. The best thing about the school is that it is like a community-like a family. Even in the classes where I don't know anyone, people are willing to help each other and take care of each other. It's not as disgustingly competitive as I expected college to be. QC is the perfect size because its not overwhelmingly huge, but at the same time has a nice amount of students- which is really just more opportunities to make friends. I spend most of my time on campus in either the cafeteria or the library- that's where everyone goes to socialize or study. Otherwise, when the weather is nice, I spend my time on the quad because its just nice to be outside and get some fresh air in the center of campus.


The best thing about QC is that everyone is working hard and looking out for each other. It's a beautiful campus in the middle of a busy borough, and sometimes it's nice to sit next to the fountain outside the QC library. This is a great place to relax and look out at the actives on the quad and have a gorgeous view of Manhattan almost forced on you. The teachers are very dedicated and like to build personal relationships, which is something I'll always appreciate. While everything on campus is great during the day, the nightlife is lacking. This is because most people commute to Queens College, so most people are gone by 5:00. It takes away from the community a bit. A few years ago, Queens built a beautiful dorm on campus, but it is overpriced and small. I hope that within the next few years there are more alternatives so more people live on or around campus and the community grows.


This school and its diverse liberal education programs convinced me that this was the perfect school for me. Not only is there an conservatory-level music program, but there is an acclaimed linguistics department as well. Every department has a collection of great faculty, and while the financial situation the school puts the students in has been a rising issue, nonetheless, the students here have the option to choose whatever they love to do here and still receive a high-level education in that field.


the best thing about queens college is DEFINITELY its greek life. in high school, i was a complete bookworm, nowhere close to its "in crowd," and sigma delta tau, a national sorority with its beta zeta chapter at queens college, has really changed my life because i feel like i finally belong somewhere. everyone has this stereotype about sororities, that they're full of dumb blonde, i'm not going to lie and say that not all greek organizations are like that because i'm sure there are, but we have pre-med majors and girls graduate with honors every year. it is really one of the most enriching experiences i've ever had, and i've met such amazing people through it. most of my time on campus is spent in the cafeteria with my sisters and our brothers from TEP, and it's really like a family. queens college is pretty small, but that's really the way that i wanted it to be. in lecture halls where professors don't know my name, i fall asleep because they can't see me in the crowd of 200 students. in queens classrooms, classes are so based on discussion and analysis that it's really beneficial to my way of learning.


When I tell people that I go to QC they say "you drive that far?" The one thing that I would change is the parking situation. More spots on campus or less cops off campus giving parking tickets. Most of my time on campus is spent in class or the library. There is no "college town" because it is in an urban atmosphere.


Queens is a public, commuter college with about 16000 undergrad & grad students. People think that b/c I go to a commuter school i dont get the "real college experience" But who is to say what the real experience is? So many people go to all types of schools, colleges, univeristy, and I think Queens is a great school with very good Prof. The administration isnt as good, but everywhere you go in life youll find bureacracy issues.


it has a nice campus. however, there is not much campus life. very good professors for the most part. the administration isnt very helpful though and they will send you all over before you are where u really need to be. the appeal office is no help


best thing is very diverse. i would change the food. just right. they tell me that they want to go there, i tell them to do it cuz queens college is awesum. student complain about the food.


Queens college is alla bout studying. its not a typical college campus experience even tho there are clubs, organizations teams and events. there are no dorms, and since its a commuter school you rarely know who any of your classmates are. you go to school and you head back home to sleep or to work. I wish there was free parking on campus,which isnt available to students or visiters since you have to pay and grabbing a spot is hard. there arent places to eat and there isnt a meal plan and food is pretty expensive at school,not to mention they dont take credit or debit in the cafeterias. The school is a decent size, at least we have grass and trees. Some people think im smart when i tell them i go to queens colllege and other people think im beneath them,even other CUNY schools such as baruch, since its not in the city. On campus im usually in the theatre shop, the cafe is alright but its the onlyplace to really go when its cold. The biggest controversy on campus was the school spending $120,000 for good charlotte to play at our school, which $10,000 was used on Misc. things. There isnt much school pride, its really not considered cool to have queens college pride, its just a place u go to learn and thats it. they try to make campus life fun by having random cows and sheep on the lawns sometimes..but it just doesnt live up ot the college experience of other schools.


Queens has a beautiful campus which is what sold me on them in the first place. I spend most of my free time in the cafe but there are a number of place to sit and hang between classes, like the many benches around campus, the grass on the quad, the library, the student union. I think Queens is just the right size. Its hard to get lost on campus, inside the buildings is another story. I love the school paper. Keeps me current on campus developments and world developments too. School pride? I guess you can say that its portrayed on campus. I love Queens but you'll see a lot of other schools rep'ed here too. The food is pretty good, but its expensive. I'll always remember just hanging wit friends and enjoying my experience at Queens College. Its a great school.


food sucks if you're a vegetarian you have very few opptions


I would change the parking situation, make it easier for working students to be able to join or participate in organizations, and


It's a good school. We have a good, safe campus. One of the best things is that CUNY schools like Queens College are extremely reasonable for such a good education. Our administrative services are very good. Things are done well and in a timely manner.


i spend time in the cafateria or student union when not in class size is just right we need cleaner bathrooms and cafateria there is not enough school pride the administration is ok they don't bother you cliq points are annoying and i feel you do not gain anything from them i don't like that there are lazars and the registration process


Great Campus, awesome professors, greek life present, over a 100 extracurricular activities clubs, concerts (Good Charlot coming up) active student government, work shops, fre tutoring, career services, low tuition.


I would change the parking dilemma. There should be someplace to park for all students free of charge. When people are told I go to QC, they usually say "Oh like Jerry Seinfeld"...Im usually in Kiely. Most of my classes are there. "What college town"...The administration is very friendly and usually helpful. There isnt alot of school pride. Its unusual the amount of squirrels on campus.


Queens college is a good school with a good reputation. The adminstration is helpful, the professors are for the most part understanding and the campus is beautiful. The school is just the right size. Most people are surprised when I tell them to go to Queens College, but there are a lot of opprotunities and a lot of great programs. Most of my time on campus is spent in the news office, the geology club room or hanging out with friends. The administration has been extremely supportive of many programs that I have been involved with including helping to fund the newspaper, despite a budget cut from the student government. The biggest controversy on campus was the student government and there mis-use of student activity fees, cutting the newspapers budget because they supported a candidate (which all newspapers do) and not making an effort to be involved in student life. Despite all of that, a degree from QC means something when you graduate. There is a high success rate upon graduation for most students. The one experienec I will always remember is being given opprotunities that I never knew existed.


it is not far from my house.


Queens College offers many majors and is in a great location. Not too far from Manhattan or downtown Flushing, it's very simple to get to. Despite the bickering in recent elections (as happens in most elections no matter where you go) the student government tries very hard to work for the students and give back. The administration and faculty are very understanding to the fact that most students have to travel to get to school and that many work along with being full time students.


Queens College is a big place. It's very affordable and has a good reputation, drawing students from all over New York City, and Long Island, as well. Queens College has no school spirit. There's zero to nil school spirit. No one knows our school colors, or mascot, or fight song, or motto, or much of anything. Queens College is in New York City in theory, but Queens is not the NYC most people think of. It's surrounded by housing projects and bordered by an expressway to the South. While you're on campus, you're on campus. That's it. The closest thing there is to campus culture outside school grounds is the Halal vendor on the street corner. The school is a microcosm of New York City. You can go about your classes and go home, go to work, or move on with your life. You can also invest yourself in the school, and get some more out of it. I'm involved in student government and the Political Science Club, and plan on founding my own club. To be honest, there is only so much the school can offer you. You must truly separate yourself from the herd to become noticed. There exist incredible opportunities, but like in the real world, you have to be incredible yourself to achieve them. Queens College has a large student body. It's a place to go after high school, and the reaction people have usually depends on where you're coming from. Many Long Islanders look upon the school with disgust, preferring a community college to going to QC. However, many students come from out-of-state, so the school is generally well-respected. It had a fabled history: Once, all New York's teachers came from Queens College, once the school was tuition-free. It seems like a school that has lost its luster and its fumbling to regain it.


the QC campus is beautiful. in the spring when all the flowers have bloomed and in the winter with the bare trees covered in snow. it makes me really happy. if i had to change something it would be parking. i would make more parking available somehow to more students, it's always a problem! as far as size, QC is not too big where you can go a day without running into someone you know, it's really interesting! i feel that many people don't get involved enough to build up school pride, but those who do carry enough for everyone else! i used to spend most of my time in the library or science cafe, sometimes the student union. now, my free time is spent in the peer lounge! administration has gotten better since i was a freshman, students are more aware of everything they need, registration has gotten more efficient. i think it will only get better! the student govt was able to get Good Charlotte to come to our school. apparently this was a big controversy, but i think it's awesome! it makes me feel somewhat important, i mean GOOD CHARLOTTE CAME TO MY SCHOOL. too bad i won't be able to go because its on a wednesday! i hear people still complaining about requirements and registration--these are the people who don't keep track or plan ahead =)


One of the best thing about Queens College is that it has a traditional campus. It's not a singular building or couple of big building in the middle of a busy street. Fresh air is just second away. In summer, you can relax in the grass and play some Frisbee. All this without mentioning additional sports fields and parkings places. Queens College is a good senior college in C.U.N.Y. People generally like the fact that it feels more like a traditional college as opposed to your typical city college. I spend most of my time in classes. I am planning on joining clubs and other academic clubs. It would be better if these clubs would advertise themselves better. It would be better if they approach you as opposed to us going to them. It seems like majority of students generally are your typical commuter students. They come to college for classes and that's it. Only some engage in extra-circular activities. Queens College campus is really spooky at night. Especially in late fall and early spring. The lighting is horrible. If you're a person who believes in ghosts and goblins, bring a flashlight if you expect to attend night classes. The biggest recent controversy that I am aware of in Queens College is about couple of student hijacking another students car. The school did inform us of the incident in a timely manner, but didn't inform us what the motive was. I'd feel a little better if it was not a random incident. Queens College is a commuter school with people from all around the world. School pride is something that I don't see around here unless you're competing in one of the teams or other kind of competition. The two most frequent student complain that I've heard is of parking and of classes being gone early. Unfortunately, Queens College can't do much for parking, but they can do something about classes. Overall, if you want total college experience (living in dorms, partying every night, getting drunk, doing drugs, having sex [You know, the stereotypical experience of typical college student]), then this college isn't for you. If you want adequate educational foundation for further study, it's not a bad choice.


the best thing about the school is that even as an older student going back after many years i feel like i fit in, even though i'm much older than most of the students. i always remember that learning is important at any age. the most fequent student complants would be how hard some of the class's are, but that's a good thing. if school were to easy one wouldn't be learning anything.


I am proud to be apart of the Queens College Community. This school has given me a chance at an education that I've always dreamed about. I am a first generation college student and I believe that QC is very welcoming to students like me and treats me with the same respect as any other student. I find the staff helpful and courteous. My learning experience has been deeply broadened after working in a lab setting on and off campus with a faculty distinguished professor. Outside of Queens College I often receive response after telling people that I go to Queens College. I spend most of my time on campus in the Student Union building because I am a club President and enjoy it very much. What I love most about the clubs at QC is that they are very welcoming. The ethnic clubs are not a prerequisite to the culture but rather a place of interest for those who admire the culture. As an e-board member and someone who hears the complaints of students often I would have to say that the biggest complaints would have to be about the parking and the food. There are however many buses near the college and local eateries.


When I was a senior in high school I was convinced that there was the perfect school for me. That school was not Queens College. I was sure that I didn't want to go to a commuter school because I didn't want to live at home. My mom made me apply for more than just the one school that I really wanted to go to, QC was one of those schools. At first I didn't accept when I got in, instead I chose the other school. I was at that school for a short period of time before I had to come home. That was when I decided to go to QC. I had never been there before getting accepted, and I was surprised by how much I liked the campus. When I thought of a commuter school, I definitely did not picture QC. One of my friends once described it as a piece of the country come to Queens, and she was right. Aside from the beautiful campus, I have found that QC is everything that I ever wanted in a college. The classes are interesting, and the people are really nice. If you need help, there will always be somebody there to help you.


Cheap, with a decent education that can get you into a good graduate school. Ability to be involved in campus if you want to, although the campus isn't necessarily conducive to being involved; most of the people whwo are involved in one thing are involved in others as well. Many Honors programs as incentives to smart people, and remediaal programs and easy classes for those who don't do so well.


If there was one thing i would change about queens college it would be the amount of school pride. most people consider everything that happens on campus a joke. the pep rally's are dull and there is little to no school spirit. when i tell people that i go to queens college, they usually are not overly impressed... they are obviously ill informed. queens college administration needs some work. from personal experience i can say that the professors have been wonderful, but everyone else i've had to deal with has been nasty and rude. if they are working there to help the student body, they should acutally help us instead of sending us to someone else who is not going to help either. i'll always remember my first day at school... i remember that i loved the feel and the environment. i've met some really amazing people at school and i wouldn't change my deicison as to which college i should have gone to.


Queens College is pretty cool in the sense that you get what you want from it. If you want to just blend in, then there is more than enough people to allow you to do that. And if you want to be seen and do something special, there is also enough space that you will stand out and shine. As an athlete I spend most of my day in the Fitzgerald Gymnasium. Although the building is very outdated and the locker rooms leave little to be desired, it's still my home away from home. The college is working hard to have the whole building redone, and hopefully within the next few years there will be a lot of changes done to it. =)


so honestly the only reason i came to this school is because it was the only school my parents were willing to pay for. i am impressed with the academics however this isn't the school to go to if you want a social life since most people here came with friends from before and aren't very interested in making new ones. if your coming to school to learn and nothing else i would definitely come here because the academics are good. however if i had the oppritunity to transfer i definitely would


The best things about Queens College are the professors, its diverse student population and activities, and nice (but small) campus....If anything I'd change the cost and quality of the food.....School is just right in size....People react fine......I spend most of my time in classes and in the student union......


The best thing about Queens College is that it's accessibility. It's most definetly a commuter school in that many students do not stay on campus when they don't have class, including myself. I go to work and go to school so I don't really have time to be involved and really enjoy all that QC has to offer. Although I know many students who enjoy all of the clubs and activities that are provided at QC. I believe that the administration could use a little work. Many times I've had to run here and there to get an answer to a relatively simple question. Other than that, the school overall is very good.


Queens College is definitely one of the best schools you can go to on a budget. The student body is large, and most students are focused primarily on their educations. If I could, I would mandate that everyone who enters the campus is checked for identification by campus security. It would make the school feel a lot safer.


To begin with, Queens College is jsut the right size. Nothing is really too far unless your a slow poke. If i were to choose one thing thats best about Queens College it would have to be the events that it promotes in the summer and fall. During these seasons Queens College sets up games, free drinks and free food on the quad which is most often sponsored by energy drinks and others. These activites bring life to the school and thats what makes Queens College great in my opinion. Unsurprisingly, people are glad to hear that i go to Queens College and give me remarks like, "thats a good college!" or "they have good music and education programs there". I wouldn't really change anything about the appearance or what Queens College has to offer, but i would recommend some academic changes which i've mention in the academics section of this survey.


Queens College has a beautiful campus, and is very considerate of religious holidays. The only thing I would change is the parking situation because it is horrid as of now, we need more spots. The campus size is just right. I'm in the Rosenthal library for most of the time (again, science is hard). When I tell people that I am in Queens College they seem to be somewhat impressed because it is known for having the best City education available. Administration is wonderful, but the admission office is totally incompetent. I have school pride and I think my peers do too. The most frequent complaints are that some teachers are unreasonable, but that's in every college.