CUNY Queensborough Community College Top Questions

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well my school has a nice size. The class rooms are small and the prfessors know who you are. The staff n campus are very friendy and welcoming. Whensigning up for turtoring which s always aviable to students you may pick how you want to be tutored. You can be turtord in a small group or one-on one. There is always turtoring aviable and for every subject. There are lots of clubs and teams you can join and be apart of, there are club meetings and days every wednesday afternoon. You will fell very welcome at cuny qcc.


Its a continuation of highschool because of majority of the student body of Queensborough is bayside high school students.


My school is very easy to get around. It is not so complicated to find your way like other schools. It feels like your back in High school at times but meanwhile you are really college. people on campus are very nice and extremelty helpful. The area the campus is located in is very beautiful and in a quiet neigborhood. no one will ever bother you or start a rucus. My school has tons of clubs and sports to try out for that other colleges do not have. Overall my school is the best place to be!