CUNY Queensborough Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I love school. Being in school gives me a great appreciation in education. If it were up to me, I would love to learn about everything this world has to offer. I would love to learn different languages, travel, study different cultures to gain a better appreciation of life, and so much more. Every time I am in a new course, I get amaze of the things I learn and how these theories came about. When I am in my Astronomy class, I know I am sitting there listening to the lecture, but I am visually traveling from planet to planet. In Calculus, I get amaze how actual people came up with rules to solve things and predict things that seems impossible to do, but numerically predictable. School is fun and enjoyable for me, and I am not just saying that. Without it, I may be unknowingly uneducated, probably working a 9-5 job, and not caring for the world. With school in the mind and its' practice, it open the world in a such a higher level which makes me hungry for more


If I could go back in time to give advice to myself I would say: In the process of applying for college make sure you do what you have to do on time. I want you to take everything seriously its not a game. It get hard and stressful trying to find the right school that you would like. You would hit some bumps along te way. There would be people tryna hold you back so you wouldnt reach your goals because they never made it to college before or finished high school. This person that will try and hold you back is your mother you will miss a semester out of school, but wouldnt give up at all and would go back in janurary. Just so you know I'm proud of you for not giving up and not letting no one get in your way, even through there were people who pushed you and people who pulled you. Dont worry little me its all going to work at in the end your major is nursing. Youare going to do it i believe in you.


I would tell myself to research my options and find what career truly fit me as an individual. The transition to college although extremely exciting was very overwhelming. I felt as if everywhere I turned I was faced with the same question "what are you going to school for?". The pressure to know who you want to be at the age of seventeen is unrealistic and unfair. If I could go back I would tell myself to treasure the opportunity ahead, learn more about who I am and who I want to become. Search for a career that satisfies my morals and leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. Never settle for less then you wish for and believe that you can achieve anything. Most importantly I would tell myself to never regret, treat every mistake as a stepping stone.


When taking the steps toward moving on from high school to college, indepence is the key factor. In college there will be no guidiance conselors that will make your schedule, or baby you towards graduation. When you're in college everything is on you. Even you're parents can't save you. All questions and concerns will be turn on you. So far, I am learning, each day I attend college, how to become an independent individual.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to make sure to get my textbooks at least a week before the semester begins. I would also tell myself to register for classes as early as possible so that you have all the classes that need. Going back in time i would also tell myself to research each professor while im registering for classes to make sure i only get good professors.


So, we've made it to senior year. A couple more months of high school and you will be free! But first things first, we need to get ready for college. So you've decided that you want to go to school for nursing which is great! You've selected a college and you got accepted. Queensborough Community College! Not your first choice but still a nice place to start. So the College Now department is offering some college credited courses that you can take while you are still in high school that you will need in college and its best to take them now, because they will give you a head start on the prerequistites for the nursing program. Another thing to keep in mind is that college is not like high school. If you need to know something about whats going on academically, you definitely need to ask questions and ask them as soon as possible. In college you are treated as an adult, so stay on top of your classes and stay on top of the nursing department. So let's get this school year started!


If i ever had the oppurtunity to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would probably say to myself " You are in for the trip of a lifetime ". College life is so much fun than high school. You got more clubs than their ever was and more sports to try out than you can ever dream of! College life may not be as easy as High school was, but if you are looking to break the ice and challenge yourself than college is the place to be! I would tell myself the Do's and Dont's of college life . Don't sleep late, don't wait till the last minute to do an assignment and dont study at the last minute. Instead what you should be doing is... Sleeping early, do assignments on time, study your notes everyday so that when it comes in time for a test you will be prepared. Also carry a student planner at all times. "Trust me young Josephine best be organize and prepared than to be disorganized and uprepared. If you follow these guidlines than you will succeed in life and all its pursuits. Good Luck!"


I would tell myself to sacrifice more time to study,to enhance performance in class, and join an athletic team: preferably basketball. I would also tell myself to re-take the ELA regents so that I can get a higher grade atleast an 85 so that I can be exempted from the placement exams. Also to enhance my vocabulary by reading more, specifically the newspaper, high level books, political magazines, etc. I would highly recommend college preparatory classes and SAT preparatory courses to increase my chance of a high grade. During the summer to take college workshops , especially writing because college level writing is different from high school level writing. Also during my spare time, on the weekends or days off from school, to go to visit the colleges of my interest. In addition to visits, to apply for everything in regards to admission, financial aid, scholarships, early before deadlines and always follow up with the colleges to be aware of what to do. To be independant and manage my time wisely. Lastly, to take all the opportunities college has to offer, whether they be internships, study abroad, getting involved with clubs such as the presidents council or student government.


STOP GOOFING AROUND!!!! Listen, I am you in 10 pay careful attention and put away that CD player. First of all, you have no idea how important this year is for you. I'll tell you what - if you understand how important this year is at the end of this 2 minute conversation, I'll give you a thousand dollars and shorten your college time by 6 months. You are going to be on your own in 10 years. That means mom and dad aren't going to pay you anything and you will be working 3 jobs to support yourself while going to college. If you work hard and study for these AP courses you're taking, you'll do great on the AP tests and get AUTOMATIC college credits for them! Look, each course in college is 3-4 credits and EACH credit costs $130-350 depending on which college you go to. If you pass AP bio and psychology, that counts as $945-2450 and 6 months of school. You can do it here for FREE at your own time! So, when you get home tonight, turn off the TV and open your books.


be focus, don't take more than 4 Class at one time and join more clubs