Curry College Top Questions

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Curry College is a school in which the faculty are extremely resourceful. In fact, they always take the time to answer any possible questions or concerns you may have. Also, the small classes allow for greater one-on-one interaction between students and their professors. Plus, the campus is designed so it can be easy to travel from building to building without getting lost. For instance, signs are posted in several locations to guide you to a specific destination. In addition, the campus is pretty small compared to others, thus allowing for more familiarity of the campus.


It offers a unique accelerated nursing program for those currently holding a bachelors degree to earn a second one in Nursing in just sixteen months.


It is a small college and has small classes which allows the professors to focus on helping each individual student. It also has a acidemic enrichment center that you can go to at any time to get help with studing or work.


It is small and has a good psychology program.