Curry College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I bragmost about my housing situation and ammenities that are included in fees such as "free" laundry and a very updated gym/weight room. Curry works hard to provide the best equipment whether it be the computers in the library, gym equipment, etc.


I brag about the helpful faculty and how I am succeeding at Curry College. I have been doing very well in all of my Nursing classes and am looking toward a bright future.


Curry is a small school, creating a friendly community atmosphere amongst the student body. It is also close enough to Boston that there is plenty to do nearby.


It is a nice campus and is close to the city of Boston. Campus shuttles can bring students to Boston, Nearby malls and stores through out the week. The campus also has a new students center which is the cafeteria, gym, store, lounge all in one building. Many events take place at the students center such as movie viewings, concerts and basket ball games.


I usually brag about how much I absolutly love Curry College. From the professors to my friends that I have made, I have had an all around amazing experience. The classes are very small and allow each student individual attention.


I brag about the high level of education I am recieveing and the excellent proffesors.