Curry College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Students that are driven and career oriented.


people who want to make a change, curry is a great school, if you are willing to take a lump of clay and molde it, it is what you make of it


someone who likes to learn in small classes, enjoys a quiet place but the city as well, can work hard and find activities to keep them having fun


Someone who would be interested in a smaller campus and smaller class-sizes. Someone who is interested in academics and being able to reach your future goals. Anyone can aquire the knowledge necessary to succeed in today's competetive society at Curry College.


People who are shy and introverted seem to excel at curry. Those who enjoy the small class size and limited social interactions provided should attend Curry. There are no challenges to fret about. Also, it seems that students who prefer to do little to no academic work do well at Curry.