Curry College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Set aside time in your busy schedule to study, go to the gym and relax. Get work done as soon as you receive it and DO NOT procrastinate. College is hard but going to the gym relieves stress and setting time aside to relax by reading a book will allow you to not be consumed by academics. Many college students stress about their classes and work load but as long as you set aside time to relax and de-stress, college is much more do-able than other people make it out to be. Use all the time you have wisely. Focus on one thing at a time and work hard on what you have in front of you and you will succeed. Most importantly, HAVE FUN. You only have these four years of freedom without as much responsability as you will later in life. Enjoy the experience while you have it.


I would say, Self, there is a whole new world concerning college life. You think high school was hard sometimes, college can be a bear. You will need to spend more time studing instead of hanging out with friends, watching sports. If you decide to play sports, you have to keeps your GPA at the level that the college requires. You might have a few days when you don't think it's all worth the trouble. When that happens, look to your fellow peers/fellow students. Talk to them, ask if the have the same feelings. Majority of the time, they are. Lots of time, take a deep breath, go somewhere if you can, and enjoy life. The biggest advice I can give you as I have always been told, "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade". I still live by that.


I would tell myself to get more involved in clubs. I got involved towards the end of the year and realized that clubs aren't all that bad after all. Especially if you can find a club you can stick with. I would also warn myself to stay away from drama. Drama follows everyone, and even though I tend to avoid it anyway, it sticks around and eventually everyone gets trapped in it. Those are the two main things I would've given myself a lecture about.


Monica, stop playing around, this is serious. College is aroung the corner and you havent built your skills to survive it. You think homework is not important so you dont do it, well you need to. College is different homework matters, even if the teachers don't collect it, it's better if you do it to know what you do and don't need help in. College is expensive, so please stop caring about what your friends are doing and where they are going and start looking into scholorships. In stead of tryignt o get into the same school as your friends, you should appy to a college that best for you, and stop caring about the negative things people have to say. Monica, you don't have much time; time is going to slip by you so fast, so remember to focus. College is going to be a start to your future, take it seriously.




Knowing what I know now, I would tell myself as a high school senior to slow down and enjoy the easy years at home but to take advantage of every opportunity offered as far as extracurriculars and volunteer work. Seizing the moment and spending free time making a difference rather than watching television or playing video games can offer life long experience used to fulfill carreer goals. Persistence and a positive attitude can also make or break in professional situations so practice, practice, practice every given situation and reaction to such appropiately. This will offer experience that will guide you through any future decision making.


The experience that I have gotten in college is learning how to manage time and money for the important things in college. College I believe has made me a better person, and also made me more prepared to take life as it comes. It also helped me to go to the working world with a whole lot of confidence. College has also experienced me to take a positive look at life. It has been very valuable to attend because your instructors take the time to answers any questions that you may have, and take the time to listen to what you have to say. It also been valuable to attend because it offers classes that you need to take in order to take the program which is hands-on that exposes you to work in the real world. Another thing that I have experienced in college is that you have the freedom to choose classes that you believe will benefit you. It has also been valuable to attend because there is people out there that really want you to succeed. Another valuable thing that college has is that you can take your classes whenever time that fits your busy schedule.


Ever since attending college, I have realized that it is essential to further my education for three reasons. First of all, going to college to major in biology is, in my opinion, a great way for me to broaden my knowledge on what I need to know to become a biomedical researcher. Besides, a biomedical researcher needs to know a lot of information. Secondly, the fact that I attend college is something that will increase my chances of finding a job in today's society. Finally, taking college courses will strengthen my work ethics, study habits, and basic life skills. For these reasons, I find that attending college is quite an important step to enhance one's goals and ultimate purpose in life.


I would love the chance to talk to the young, vulnerable version of myself and share with myself the wisdom I have gained. If I was talking to the high school version of myself I would say go into college and don?t find your group of friends right away. Your first week freshman year will be the best week of your life. Mingle from group to group with an open mind and more importantly open heart! Everyone is just as nervous, so relax, keep your door open (seriously, prop it with something so people can come in) and do everything you possibly can! Never ever put off any experience because you think you can do it later. School will only get harder, and you have less and less free time. Take every opportunity and participate in school activates; you don?t have to drink to have fun! Say goodbye to your high school boyfriend, because he is only holding you back from being who you really are. Most importantly, have fun. Freshman year is the most care free time of your life, but keep your gpa up, it matters later on!:)


College seems like a party to a high school student. After all, its the first time you will truely be in charge of your own destiny. Without the parental units controlling you like a marionette, freedom is finally in your grasp. When no one is telling you that you have to do something, your sense of duty gets into an out and out brawl with your party craving side. And to make things more complicated, you are not the only one going through this dilemma. The entire freshman student body is. Some kids will go wild, break all the rules, and let their education suffer, but you can not let them draw you in. You are stronger than that. Before you lays one of the most important means to fulfilling your dreams; a good education. Never forget this. So stand strong and establish clear goals for yourself. Remembering to look ahead at the big picture will help to keep you focused and on track. Don't fail yourself now. The future is yours for the making.


I would tell myself how important it is to get enough sleep on week days so you can be completly focused. Always write down when assignments are due so you can keep track of what you should be focusing on. Start preparing for upcoming tests as early as possible in order to have a good grasp on the material. If possible, find a study partner in order to help you review the material. You should find a quiet place to work such as the library inorder to focus better. Always talk to or email your professors if you are having trouble with the material.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely tell myself not to worry. I was always a nervous wreck about making friends, my classes, what my professors would be like, and how would I afford such an expensive college. In high school I had a difficult time applying to get directly into a nursing college nearby. When I had gotten into my number one school of choice it was the best day of my life. I was so excited to join Curry College's amazing nursing program. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to do my clinicals at some of the most famous Boston hospitals. The downfall however is how expensive Curry College is. My father had just lost his job and I only worked at a little ice cream parlor. I worked as much as I could to put towards my college education and the rest I would have to take out in loans. Having to pay back loans is very difficult but if I hadn't chosen to attend Curry then I would have missed out on one of the best nursing schools.


I would tell myself to do what i want and not what other people want me to do. I was never a big partier so i have always taken my academics very seriously which is why i am fortunate to be doing very well in college. I would have told myself to set goals and try to obtain those goals in order to succeed as a college student. I am very happy with the decision i made to go to Curry College as a High School senior and i would not change that.


Make sure you focus. Explore all the options that you are given. Work hard. Study hard. Make time for friends and things you enjoy so you can stay focused and happy. Keep reading. Be confindent. Don't worry. Keep in touch with your family. Have no inhibitions. Be fearless. Have fun. Make Dean's List. Just love life.


COLLEGE TRULY IS THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE. iT IS what you make of it, you truly will know when you find the college thats right for you, it just fits. College is fun and hard but its college its all about figuregin who you are and what you want to be. just rememeberr going to college as a frehaman everyone pretty much is just as nervous and scare as you are, have fun and be yourself


Although this might be one of the biggest and most important decisions in your entire life...don't be afraid. Because it is also one of the most exciting, fun and exhilierating accomplishment ever. Don't be scared of new experiences, places and people, enter with an open mind and understand that your time in college will only be as good as you make it. If you can, picture where you want to be in 4 years and search for a place that fits your learning needs before anything else. However, once the big decision is made and you are on your way, search for the people that are going to make your college expereince the best it can be. The professor that will always be there for you, The coach that pushed you even when you didn't think you wanted to be pushed and the people who you have a millions memories with, the people you smile and laugh with until 3:00 in the morning, the people you will throw your caps in the air on graduation day, the people who will be your best friends for the rest of your life.


Do not pick a school based on word of mouth, especially if you hear negative things. You need to see and experience school for yourself. College is what you make it and you need to put yourself out there. Opportunities are not going to come knocking on your door, you must go knocking on theirs. College is a chance to grow, so take chances you would not normally take and live like its your last day. Make your major a main priority on picking your school because afterall that is what college is for. Never pick a school based on who has the best parties, because how much you partied in college will not get you anywhere.


To parents and students that are in search of the right college, Academics is the main reason most people look at school but it's a lot more to college. Don't pick a school unless you can see yourself there. The most important thing is to go and tour the school, if you don't see it then it's going to be really hard to visualize yourself there. Don't be afraid to talk to current students. Last but not least, your decision isn't permanent you can always transfer.


There are so many colleges around the United States that some times it is very hard to pick just one. But one thing to know make sure you have some type of idea on how the colleges are ran and information that most parents or students dont think about. You have to make sure your daughter or son is comfortable in the area or at the school all together. Students dont pick school because your friends are there. Its good to go off and explore the world on your own. Meeting new people and networking is a college students best friend. Also dont just apply for one school. Apply for 4 or 5 maybe even more. You should also start applying while you are a junior in high school. One more thing once your settle make sure you dont change your major to many times. That just extend your time in school.


Visit the college before you go. Meet people that go there and and ask them how they like it.


First and foremost I would suggest that a student visit the prospective college on several occasions. It is important to visit not only for a scheduled visit, but also visit at a time when classes are in session so you are able to get a better feel for the overall college experience. Make sure the college you select has everything that you feel would be important for your college years. Some considerations that I thought were important: that your particular major is available, smaller class sizes, professors who would really want you to succeed and would be available as needed, insure that extra help would be accessible, extra-curricular activities are available to become more involved, adequate housing for all students for each year necessary, library and research materials are adequate, parking availability for each year, the safety on campus, sports facilities and the costs of the college. This is one of the most important decisions you may have made so far in your lifetime. I feel that making your decision carefully will insure a happy, fulfilling and successful college experience.


I would advise parents to tour schools, and attempt to spend a night on campus. I visited Curry College in my senior year of highschool and loved it..Yet within my first week of school I realized how much I hated it and what a difficult year I had ahead of myself.


Find a college that you will like for all 4 years, one that is the right size, with the right amount of competition. A school with the right amount of support will help every student succeed in there schoolwork. Pick a school that will be the proper environment for you, like one in the suburbs and such.


Visit plenty of colleges, look at school away from home and some close to home. Dont limit yourself